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Published: 17 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I really don’t know how these leeches really sleep at night. Is it really worth it to sell your soul to the devil like all these God awful dealers do. Car Hop, Midwest all the same s*** to me. Preying on people that don’t have good credit, then trying to get every single ounce out of you for a down payment on a car and then telling you its the banks that are requesting this and then cars that have serious problems that they won’t invest to fix, hence the rush to sign their fraudalent paperwork. Dealers that don’t even have a high school degree and always use the line, Oh, I’ll see what my boss says. Wow, didn’t they use that line in Fargo????Hmmmm. I went into Midwest to purchase a car sometime in March. I filled out the application but never put down any money. The lady said all we would need would be $500 to start the process. Why don’t these leeches just come right out and tell you how much you will need to come up with, knowing that 80% of their customers have bad credit. They they have all this b******* testimonials on the wall. So, I had this lady always calling my phone saying they have a Honda they could get me into and all. Bugging me for about 3 weeks. I finally went back to Midwest in the beginning of May when I sold my car. I had $1000.00 on me, and put down $400. This dealer tells me they lost my application and that I would have to fill out anew one. That shoul’ve been my first sign of senility on these guys. Have they not ever heard of a filing system,or something called a computer. Well, I get there and they show me all these cars I don’t want. When will dealers try to ACTUALLY HEAR what people are saying and what they want, instead of stuffing unreliable cars down peoples throats. So, here’s the good part. This dealer shows me a 2004 Kia Amanti and says that the car would be something that they would be able to finance me with. I take a drive in the car and the thing is stalling before we even leave the fucking lot. That should’ve been my second hint. Do these guys not test drive these cars and make sure they’re road worthy. The dealer says he doesn’t know whats wrong with the car and he’ll have to bring it back in the shop. He tells me to come back the next day. I come back and the guy says he needs more money down on the car. He never called me to tell me this, and they ahd all my info. Hint 3. I tell they guy that I’m leaving to just give me back my money. These guys just waste your f****** time. So, he then tells me that I would have to get full coverage on the car before I drive it off the lot. I called my insurance company and get the coverage. The next day, I see the engine light come on. When I went in and paid my second deposit, I asked the guy about the engine light, and he says that they don’t have space in the shop now, that they’ll have to look at it when I bring in my other deposit. Hint 4. You always want to make sure that you do your utmost for your customers and not just leave them hanging. But, they always want to make sure you bring in that deposit. The car tells me that when I filled out my application, that I checked that I had a checking account, which I did, but it was from a debit load card associated with a checking account. The application never said what type of checking account you need, it just asked if you had a checking account. He then tells me that they’re having problems getting my checking account approved by the loan company. So, I come back 2 weeks later, and he says that they are still having problems with the credit company. He tells me to hold on to my final deposit and come in the next day. So, I go in and he says that they are still having the problem and he wants to see if he could fit me into another car. This guy shows me a Police Interceptor. I tell the guy no way. He continues to bug me now, and just asks me to take a look inside it. I go to make this guy happy an sit in this, I don’t even think I should call it a car. No f****** carpets in the car, a flood f****** light on the side. Totally turned off by this point. I tell the guy”No”. He says he will go and talk to his boss. I sit in the waiting room for about 30 minutes and the guy says that he only has one more car to show me. I telll the guy, pls go and get my money back. I am totally pissed by now. He comes back and tells me all of this crap like a drove the car for 15 days and they have a stocking fee and all. All b******* just to rip people off. Ended up leaving with just about $300.00 out of a $1200.00 down payment. Total f****** crooks. A guy whoi tells me he just started working at the dealership just a few months ago and he’s just going on what his boss says. All these guys are f****** crooks and I just don’t know how they sleep at night. I will never ever deal with these criminals ever again. They just feast on people with bad credit, charge an enormous amount of % and the cars just suck one way or another. Totally just turned off by these guys and Car Hop. All the same dog crap to me. Stay away from these guys as they totally don’t know what they’re doing. A checking account is a checking account. Don’t know what other way to put it. Totally sick to my stomach.

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