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Published: 13 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Buyer beware this company uses every dirty tactic to charge you whether you cancel and return product or not! My wife’s 20 year old daughter had ordered these with my wives debit card against or knowledge, and before you even ask she no longer lives with us and yes charges have been brought against her! But when we received these boxes we had no idea what they were for and immediatley wrote refused on the package and gave them back to the mail carrier. A few weeks later my wife’s card was charged 49.95 from Midwest Center for Anxiety and Stress. We called them to inquire about the charges and quickly connect the dots regards to the packages we received. We were then informed that the fee was not for the program but for a “”restocking fee”” because we did not get a return authorization number. We explained to him once again that we were not aware of this because we did not order them and he informed us ouronly course of action was to call the police for fraud and if we disputed the charge with our bank we were going to be sent to collections. I told him that these were “”BS”” practices and his attitude became even worse. I told him again that he has his product there should be no charge especially not one this high. I asked to speak to a supervisor several times and he informed me we were waiting for “”their”” response. After waiting for more than ten minutes I looked up Rip off report because this seemed to be such a sham. After seeing all the complaint I told him to nevermind and that I would take this up with my bank because your company is all over complaint. We called and filed a claim and our bank has already credited us the amount and stopped payment on their charge. I am sure we will get the collections call which will be fought tooth and nail because the charge is not for a service or a product but is no more than a trumped up fee. What bothers me about all of this is this “”company”” claims to health people with mental health issues when in reality it just causes many many more. Those who are in the business of “”helping”” others are caring and compasionate… the complete polar opposite of this company. It is clear they are only in the business of taking money any way they can. Also when I did call out the so called “”customer service”” representitive about the fee. He tried to explain that wihtout a return authorization it made things take so much longer to process and that is why there is a fee. I can tell you from over 20 years in customer service across several business sectors that there is no way this would call for such a lofty fee. In my current business even the most elusive of shipping returns can be handled in under ten minutes with little effort. And just tells me they know the product is going to be returned but still some loop hole for charging customers. Please do not give them your money…you will regret it even if you do get it back!!!! .

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