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Published: 23 June 2017

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On Sat February 8th 2014, two distributors from MidWest Elite aka Kirby Co. came to my door. One of the young men was a boy my sons went to school with, so I knew him well, or so I thought. He said he was just starting out with the company and wondered if I would help him out by letting him demo the new Kirby. I already own a Kirby so I’ve been through this before! Well, they told me that it was $2900 and I said, “”I tell you what…you get it down to $1500 and I will buy it!”” Being a previous customer I know how much they can lower the price and how much they HAVE to have…and it’s not the $2900 they SAY it costs! The other man got on the phone with his manager and she agree’d to the price. Later that night my husband came home and told me to call the friend of my sons and have him come get it! Ours wasn’t that old and we really didn’t need a new one already! So I call him and he comes the following day and picks up the machine and tells me he will bring my old one back, along with my check, the next day(Monday). I waited a few days before calling him back and he said he had my machine and my check and would drop it off after work…this was Wednesday. Thursday I get a call from my bank saying the check I cancelled(thank GOD I cancelled it) had been deposited. I was confused because the friend of my sons said he had it, so I called him. He said he did not have the check the manager wouldn’t give it to him. While I was on the phone with him, MidWest Elite called on my landline phone, so I told him I would call him back and would appreciate if he would drop off my machine. He then told me he no longer had it, his manager threatened to call the police for theft so he gave it back. Furious, I answer the call from M.E. and the manager is instantly SCREAMING at me over the phone calling me a PATHETIC, LOW-LIFED, TRAILOR TRASH THIEF!!! Excuse me??? I said first of all, I don’t know who YOU are calling a thief when you tried to steal MY money by cashing my check AFTER I returned the machine within the 3 day cancellation period! Then she tells me I never returned the machine. BULL! I told her that I knew the kid personally and had his cell phone , called him just 4 hours after they were at the house and he came and picked it up the next day. She says, that’s impossible, that was Sunday. I don’t care WHAT day it was and asked her “”So people just lock themselves in their homes on Sundays?”” Again, I made it known to her that I knew him and had known him for about 6 years, he went to school with my sons. He was supposed to take it back to work with him on Monday, pick up MY CHECK AND my old vacuum and bring them back to me. Again, she started screaming at me telling me that I was going to prison because it was a felony to write a bad check(Note here she didn’t mention the vacuum I have supposedly stolen) I said I didn’t write a bad check, I put a stop on the check and I want my old machine back. She stated she didn’t have it. Well, where could it have possibly went in less than a week? She said “”Your vacuum was a pile of SH*T, just like you are so we threw it in the trash!”” (Can we say quality customer service??) She continued to scream at me calling me a variety of colorful names and then hung up on me! Two minutes later, the young man calls and says, “”Why did you say I came to your house and picked up the vacuum?”” WHAT????? I said “”D, I don’t know what you did with it but you better turn it in.”” He said he didn’t do anything with it because he was never at my house on Sunday and he never picked it up. Then I hear the manager in the background telling him what to say! I was APPALLED!!! She’s sitting there making this kid say he didn’t pick up the vacuum!!! This company has scammed MANY people, many in the same way they are scamming ME! They get you to buy their product, then when you cancel they take the machine back and then try to keep your money too! I called the Kirby Co corporate offices and they were ZERO help! Unless I had PROOF that I turned the vacuum over, there was nothing they could do. Then she asked me if I had any kind of video surveillance on my home! I live in a small area, out in the country, where my closest neighbors are 1/4 mile down the road. Not much need for video cameras on my house!!! If I had known this was going to happen, I would have made him sign something stating he took it, but I knew him and trusted him. The entire corporation is full of con-artists and apparently when you work for them, they not only train you on how to sell vacuum cleaners, but on how to be a con-artist too! Lesson here: Purchase a SHARK!!! And stay the heck away from these people!! IF they show up on your doorstep, do NOT let them in. MANY people have been scammed by these people and are out everything…vacuum AND money! I managed to keep my money only because something inside told me to cancel that check, but I’m out my other vacuum that I paid $1200 for and it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t try to pursue some form of legal action against me for “”stealing the vacuum and writing a bad check!”” Well, BRING IT, MidWest OBSELETE, because I have a damn good lawyer and a whole list of other people you’ve done this to thanks to another website just like this one!! .

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