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Published: 30 November 2019

Posted by: Nas88

Dr Coleman was designated to do an IME on me which was requested by my Workman’s Comp. After Dr. Coleman looked at all records from doctor’s sent to him, CT scan’s, MRI’s, Xrays he requested more xrays. Dr. Coleman stated that my lower back pain I already had which is not true. We all get degenerative disc disease but are unaware until something major happens to you such as a car accident or severe trauma in which I sustained on 5/17/2019 when I fell on a moving conveyor belt. According to Dr. Coleman as he states: With regard to the rib contusion, there is no pre-existing condition that was exacerbated, yet on the chest xray taken by dr. Coleman the ribs STILL showed contusions. Again he states I do not believe they were (meaning my lower back)they were directly aggravated or exacerbated by said injury, since the pain did not onset for at least a month following injury. I didnt feel pain in my back before till about 30 days after my in jury it began to bother me. Could be from my job giving me light duty, but still doing movements and lifting, twisting turning bending in which someone with rib contusions shouldn’t be doing such and Dr. Coleman knew that by the medical records from my PCP that those were MY WORK RESTRICTIONS. Dr. Coleman states This is inconsistent with a temporary or permanent aggravation of the underlying degenerative condition. Again I had no pain in my lower back. I work for UPS and my job requires HEAVY LIFTING. Now why would I take a job having such back issues. Also I’ve never seen Dr. Coleman before. My PCP has been my dovctor for over 10 years and I believe her regarding my health more than Dr. Coleman that I seen for 10 minutes!!! Dr. Coleman states when asked if I’m able to work with NO RESTRICTIONS. He states in regards to work related injuries I’m able to participate in full unrestricted work activities I do not believe that any work restrictions would be related in any way to the May 17, 2019 injury. Again he states this is not a work related injury meaning my lower back pain. Although he surely isn’t concerned regarding the rib contusions he seen on the xray and disregarded my job at UPS.He was given a copy of my job and it’s listed that my job consists of HEAVY!!! I am a UPS package handler. My job is to take packages out of bins and place them into a large bag, print a label for the specific truck those packages go on. Those large bags filled with UPS packages can weight anywhere from 10-50 pounds and then tossed on the conveyor belt. As I see within Workman’s Compensation they hire a doctor that get’s paid highly to evaluate the injured employee and to make sure such evaluation will state the injured can indeed return to work and manipulate the outcome to satisfy the workman’s comp so the injured returns to work and can’t complain about the injury again nor can the injured not function as required by the job at hand due to returning to work still injured and IS FIRED. I LOST MY JOB MONDAY due to this IME

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