Mighty Joe's Contracting (Canada)

Mighty Joe's Contracting (Canada) Review

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Published: 07 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

If you are in and around Saskatoon and have any sort of wet basement problems, this is the dude to avoid at all costs. He has already applied his fraudulent tricks in and around Calgary, Alberta and has ran back to his home town. He catches you in your time of need when your basement has water problems and no other contractor returns your call or when you think you can get the job done cheaply because you believe what he tells you. He claims to have experience in all sorts of fixes, patching or restoring concrete, putting membrane on the outside of the foundation, inside and outside drain tiles, sump pump and weeping tiles. His experience comes from brochure pictures. He is a common labourer who can’t read and has the gift of the gab and has your ear. He is there to help YOU! He is the only contractor who called you back and has the time and equipment to do it, he wants your money and he is full of promises of good things, and as he opens more holes he will discover new problems to fix for you. If you give him any money and get hooked he will squeeze you along all the way to applying or a building permit and calling a hapless Engineer to draw construction plans, after he has ripped your foundation out with tarps over the trench. With your money in his hands he will use any opportunity to convince you to keep going on with more work. He will even try to get you to give him more money with a Permit based on a construction drawing with the wrong details with a notice from the City authorities ordering correction of the errors he made in your basement, this guy is one mighty fraud. He claims to have worked for real construction outfits and he will give you previous job references at homes whose job was done without a permit, so all you have is the homeowner’s word and some pictures, but nobody knows what is under the dirt besides him. He claims 10 year warranty but there is no address on the contract, just a cell phone number. Do not bother with his BBB listing, nothing public. The report I filed on him can be seen at At the very end I fired him and he came to the house with police to take away his tools after he told the police that his worker was assaulted at my house. One Mighty Chicken! never arranged to return the money and he is still in town ripping people off. He has been summoned to the Small Claims Court.

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