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Published: 01 October 2018

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I have purchased several Ford vehicles. Seven to be exact, and I loved the product that the Ford Motor Company has produced until this point. Three of these and almost four were from Mike Casstrucci Ford Alexandria, Kentucky. The buying experience I would give Five Stars. With the exception of our last attempted purchase when the sales men were rude, arguing with each other, and made us very uncomfortable. We were so upset that we left and went to another dealer and bought or first new Chevrolet. The 2014 Ford Fusion from the word go had a problem. We needed the headlights replaced within the first day or so. The job was completed in a timely professional manor. This was the last positive experience we had. I have several problems with the car now. Thin paint on the hood in which I had a chip measured with a micrometer. Measured just under 2mm. Rocks chip the good of the car in record fashion A Ford Employee at another dealership agrees the paint is thin, but said Ford wouldn’t fix it. This cost will be out of pocket. Another issue would be that the headliner is falling down. I took it to another dealership and they said Ford won’t fix it. So I called Mike Casstrucci himself to try and get some issues resolved. He did in fact contract me back, I was impressed. He told me to bring the vehicle to his location in Milfod, Ohio and it would be handled. I took the vehicle in. The service manager did try to address my concerns about thin paint. Stated the paint was fine, that the depth was with in specs ( without measuring the depth or even feeling the multitude of chips out of the paint) he tried to convince me that the hood is fiberglass and wouldn’t rust or corrode. This hood is not fiberglass, it will corrode and/or rust. I understand paint chips but this is excessive the paint has no depth or hardener to it. Secondly the carpet is tearing where the floor mats are installed. He stated that the carpet does not need replaced like it should be to correct the issue not Band-aide it. He said there was a patch kit available and would use that instead. Thirdly, the floor mat itself had a hole wore in it within 3000 miles. But I’ll buy one of those. Why not, everything else is being deflected. What is some more cost at this point? On to the fourth and finale issue, the headliner is falling down. The side beam roof supports have a molding that helps hold it up and they are warping from the pressure. I was told that the headliner would not be replaced or fixed from a different dealership. Mike Casstrucci staff informed me that there is a replacement and it is an extensive process. The seats and console need to be removed for it to be replaced and that they would order all the parts. ( might as well go on and replace the carpet and do the job correctly while the seats are out). I did tell the staff that theses are Ford quality control issues and should not cost the Casstrucci company out of pocket expense. I wanted Ford to do the right thing. They assured me that they are an extension of Ford and the issues would be fixed, parts ordered and the work would begin. I did get an estimate for paint repair (around $900.00) so that my car would not rust within the first year. To my face and over the phone they wetter pleasant and seemed to be doing the right thing. Trying to make up for losing a consumer to my last walk out purchase. Then, there was nothing…. No phone calls as they promised to schedule the repairs. No return phone calls when I called to check on the status. Every time I called, they had said there was nothing in the computer, aside from it showing me I was at the dealership. Today, was my last call. Called a young lady, pleasant enough on the phone. She again stated nothing has been ordered, a service order hasn’t been started. She asked to put me in hold so she could look into it. She put me on hold as they had many times in the past. I hung up. I can’t do this anymore. The Mike Casstrucci Ford Dealership has failed. Failed to follow through on promised and deserved Factory Warranty work. Failed to follow up with me about the status. Failed to order parts. Failed to make things right like it should have been. Ford lost a life long customer, Casstrucci would be the reasoning behind it. From poor customer service, to deflecting respond ability of Acton. The best advertisement is free. Mine is just that. I will drive my new car with their name on the back of it. Headliner visibly falling out, that you can see when driving behind me. This headliner is starting to block my view and I told them that. I told them I might take it or myself so I can see and was advised against it. Would void the warranty they are failing to honor. DO NOT, Please DO NOT waist your hard earned monies at this dealership. The obviously do not care about follow up sales, or even taking care of what is right. I urge you to use caution, better judgment than I and go elsewhere. Do you research and make a better informed decision than I did. .

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