Mike Dikman

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Mike Dikman is a douchebag; mocks you and steals your money

Mr. Mike Dikman is the worst lawyer you can ever get. He belittled me and treated me and my children not more than garbage. He took a lot of money from me from time to time. I believed him and gave him around $25,000 and now he refuses to refund the amount. He literally did nothing for us and in a way stole this amount. Mr. Dikman put me in a wrong space in the court and said bad things about me. He mocked me and my case in front of other attorneys, the court personnel and even to his office staff. Me and my children were suffering through a tough custody battle and this person was completely shameless throughout. Do not ever contact this lawyer; this person would ruin your case more than he would do any good for it. His actions and misconduct should be reported to the attorney general, to the grievance committee, to the inspector general and to Mr. Preet Behara. There is no other way than suing this monster for the kind of mess up he creates in a client’s case. On top of that, he steals money from you for no good service. This lawyer is way too connected in Queens Court and he can turn back on you like he did to me.

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  1. Patricia DeChirico July 26, 2018

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