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Published: 24 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I recenlty read the rebuttal Mike Wiggins of WIGGINS’ CAR CARE (and I use that term loosely “CAR CARE”) recently made. Here are somethings to consider. Over a year ago Mike Wiggins snapped the cruise control cable to my RX-7 rendering the cruise control inoperatinve. Mike said he would get me another one when he got another car in. He NEVER made good on that. Now, to the latest. I TRUSTED Mike Wiggins at one time as a mechanic. He was good but I am not sure where all the money is going as after I paid him $3500. The week after, he did not have the $500 to alledgely go to Little Rock, AR and retrieve the from which he was going to rebuild my RX-7. If you have ever ridden on a commercial jetliner? Dont you depend on the cockpit crew to get you there safely as you depend upon their expertise to do so? Dont you rely on them toally as you buckle in? So was the case with Mike Wiggins. After my accident on June 27, 2014, I sent Mike Wiggins photos of my car and asked him if the car was repairable or better off to scrap it? Mike told me the car “could be rebuilt” , he “could use the business” and that the car in the shape I had it in was worth about $10,000 as the engine had been rebuit $3200, the heater box had been replaced $1100, new starter, new fuel pump and since it has new tires, polished rims, new positive traction no slip differental, new alternator and records of maintenance on that car, Mike Wiggins told me the car was worth about $10,000. So based upon his “expert opinoin” he convinced me to rebuild the car and “stick to your guns with the insurance company.” Now let’s look at some things. Mike Wiggins told me he could rebuild the car. REAL bodyshop men have look at my car psot Mike Wiggins rebuild have told that the frame rail, the major component to the safety of the car was NOT PROPERLY REPAIRED! Instead of fixing this frame rail as he should have by cutting it out and replaicng it, Mike Wiggins just slammed tons of bondo on the frame rail making it structurall unsound should there be another accident. In fact, two body men have told me that the passenger could be easily killed as the frame rail is very weakened and structurally unsound. Infact, one body man in the Memphis area told me he doubted I could secure a salvage title to the car to drive it on the streets of Memphis due to the poor work. These two body men are completing their reports this week concerning the poor repair to my car. Secondly, Mike Wiggins says he has been in Memphis for 30 years. This is NOT TRUE. During these 30 years he apparently became finacially insolvent and sold his company RX-7 Heaven to Mr. Bob Towery (of Towery Press/ Memphis Magazine) who operated the place for two or more years as I continued to go there for service on my car. During this time Mike Wiggins, as I was told, was supposedly in Pensacola, FL and then in St. Louis, MO chasing his ex , Ginger. Then when he did turn, he moved his shop all over West Tenness including Somerville, TN (in Tayette County) until he secured another place off Kirby-Whille Road in Bartlett, next to Ranger Master Gun Range and then he moved to here he is now. I first met him at RX-7 Heaven in 1994 when i bought a BAD carbureator from him for my 1980 Rx-7. This carbureator had a bent butterfly valve that stuck. The Mazda of Clearwater, Florida put this on my RX-7 and I tried to drive the car to Memphis but the acceleratr kept sticking. I had to have that carbureator repaired in Florida before I could drive the car on to Memphis. For Mike to say he has been in Memphis for 30 years is NOT accurate- he HAS been in Memphis OFF AND ON FOR 30 YEARS MAY BE.. NOW LET’S LOOK AS HIS OTHER UNTRUTHS… He says I came to his shop demanding that he stop and work on my car…. NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!!! For over 5 weeks Mike Wiggis text, emailed or called me telling me the car would be ready this “Friday or Saturday or Monday at the latest.” Each week, the time of his “self imposed deadline “came and went without the car being ready. We must remember that Mike Wiggins had the car for about 3 1/2 months… yes, 3 1/2 months from July 10, 2014- October 22, 2014. During which time he billed State Farm Insurance many days for storage!!! Now let’s see what we got for all this “work” on my car. I did return the car to him – on three other separate occasions when he told me the date and time he could look at the car – October 27, 29, and 31- At all times, he refused to look at the car. 1. Immediately after the test drive, on the day I picked up the car, I returned to him as the HOOD did not and does not lay flush and sticks up about 1/4 just in front of the windshield looking like the hood is possibly unlatched. 2. I have no turn signals on the front right side. NONE- yes, bulbs have been checked. 3. My air conditioner no longer works and the compressor in the car is NOT even the same compressor as mine was a square box shaped compressor and this is a round cylinder shaped compressor that does NOT work. 4. I have NO horn at all. There is power to the relay under the dash but no power to the actual horn. 5. Mike Wiggins talks about the door handle on the passenger side was stolen from him which is not true. He had taken apart the driver side door panel FOR SOME REASON HE COULD NOT EXPLAIN – keep in mind all the damage was limited to the right hand (passenger) side. When I went to pick up my car, the diriver side door arm rest was not secured to the door as 3 out of 6 screws and the arm rest door plugs were missing and the door handle opener was broken. He would not even look at the car. 6. The door panel pocket on the driver’s side door is now broken but it was not broken before he received the car. 7. Mike Wiggins broke off the original key and I ahd to take him a replacement key. 8. I NEVER RECEIVED an estimate and the bodyshops who have looked as his estimate do not know why he took the driver’s side door apart as all the damage was LIMItED to the Passenger side. MIKE WIGGINS EVEN STATED ON HIS ESTIMATE THAT HE WAS REPAIRING THE DRIVER SIDE DOOR AND THE PASSNGER DOOR AND THERE WAS NO DAMAGE TO EITHER DOOR AND I HAVE PHOTOS TO PROVE IT. THI WAS ON HIS ESTIMATE TO STATE FARM INSURANCE. i have photos to prove this!!!!! I HAVE since taken the car by four (4) body shops in the Memphis area which are: Joe Stewart on Summer Avenue (john looked at the car), Gwatney MAZDA on Winchester Road (John looked at the car), Bily Fowler Body Works in Southaven, MS (Mr. Fowler looked at the car), Gossett Mazda on Covington Pike in Memphis (across the street from Mike Wiggins “CAR CARE”) AND THEY REFUSE TO LOOK AT THE CAR. Unequivocally, each place has told me that they would HAVE to tear the car down and start over. Almost everyone refuses to give me an estimate and says it is the worst body work they have ever seen. Without exception, everyone asked me who did the repairs and that I was scammed no matter the price! Gossett Mazda went so far as to tell me that they had another “Wiggins repaired car here and they did not want another one.” Gwatney Mazda tit quote me a price of over $3000 (yes, $3,000) TO SORT OUT JUST THE WIRE MESS THAT MIKE WIGGINS CREATED UNDER THE HOOD YEILDING NO OIL PRSSURE, NO HORN, NO RIGHT TURN SIGNALS, NO EMERGENCY FLASHERS, AN “ADD COOLANT” THAT REMAINS ILLUMINATED ALL THE TIME. Now… Mike is concerned about missing parts but let’s look at this. I immediatley returned to his shop after my test drive TO THE BP SERVICE STATION and told Mike Wiggins the car was idling too fast. Normal idle is 800-1000 RPM. My car idles NOW at 1700 RPM and I have to pump the accelerator just to get away fron a stand still or the car will hesitate and die. In short, the car was running like top just days before the accident. The air clearner was not damaged in the accident nor was the engine, meaning the engine wasn’t either. Maybe my carbureator was swapped out? Another thing I tried to show Mike Wiggins is that the cover cap to the right strut is missing and the wiper reservoir is completely gone making it impossible to spray wiper fluid the to windhield to remove dirt and grime. The replacement cost, per Black Dragon Mazda parts, is approximately $49.95 plus shipping. Mike is so happy about his “work” on my car. REAL bodyshop professionals from here to North Carolina say the work is crap and the car is unsafe to drive. I highly recommend BEFORE you take you car to Mike Wiggins, if you continue to use him, mark your parts under the hood and take pictures before you take your vehicle to him. Record everything he says as I found him as has State Farm Insurance found him not to be a man of his word. Could someone please tell me where all the money went I paid him? What does it mean when a peron has blood shot eyes and his nose is running and he is low on money after you JUST PAID HIM? I had just paid him but yet the car he supposedly found on Craigslist in Little Rock, he did not have the $500 to pick up the car for almost 10 days. Now can someone please tell me WHY HE REFUSED TO GIVE ME AN ESTIMATE (all bodyshops have laughed when they have seen his estimate as they say “that is not an estimate” and is very unprofessional/ amateurish) and he refuses to give me a receipt including Tennessee tax for all this money he received. Yes, I never received a recipt and he refuses to provide one even to my attonery’s office. In closing, what we have is an unsafe car with bondo smeared all over the frame rail thus compromising the structual intregrity of the car. Where he did not properly pull the car forward, holes to the header panel between the two pop up head lights do not line up so he just did not put the bolts in there and only “secured the header panel with one bolt. Also, under the front bumber at eh rear of the spoiler, he secured that part with TIE WRAPS as the bolt holes dont line up there either.The right pop up headlight lacks about 1 inch being fully extended and thus the beam shoots 3 feet lower than the left beam at 10 feet (there is no longer an adjustment). The reason for this is because since the right headlight does not pop up properly, the adjustment screw for the headlight is unacessible and below the header panel!!!! All I can say now is get EVERYTHING IN WRITING FROM MIKE WIGGINS, BUYER BEWARE, and be prepared to lose parts at his shop… check under your hood before you drive off! EVERYTHING in writing AND DONT LET HIM USE THE EXCUSE HIS PRINTER IS OUT OF INK!!!!!!!!!!! Three (3) Memphis City Council Members as well as Shelby County Comissioners are looking to propose regulations governing bad bodyshops because of the typ of work Mike Wiggins has done on my car!

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