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Published: 18 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My husband bought diamond earrings for me on December 28th 2014 at Milanji Diamonds in King of Prussia. He was under the impression that they had a 30 days money back return policy for items that were not custom made. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Because we were very concerned about the quality and value of the diamond earrrings that we purchased here, we sought an estimate and quote from a different, reputable Jeweler in our area. It turned out that the quality and value of the diamonds purchased at Milanj was significantly less than what we had paid for. Since Milanj likes to nudge customers towards diamonds that are not GIA certified, we got low grade diamonds at exorbitant prices. We were scammed BADLY. Our receipt said 30 days return policy so we called Milanj to ask for a full refund. We felt that we did not get what we paid for. Mr. Youseff our sales man had a 360 degrees change in temperament. No longer were we faced with the Champagne and Sweets Sales man that we saw at Milanj when he was trying to sell us the diamond earrings. Mr. Youseff said that ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!! NO RETURNS. The 30 days money back return policy was misleading. You only get a store credit from this SHADY store. This store does not back up their products!!! Period. When we purchased jewelry from Bernie Robins, they would tell my husband to give me the gift. If I did not like it, it was an easy no fuss return within thirty days or so. Milanj Diamonds has a “hit and run” policy towards customers. It is a one time deal. They should post a big sign on their windows warning customers of their ALL SALES ARE FINAL POLICY–and no returns. What kind of diamonds are they selling you if they are unwilling to take them back once you purchased them? Think about that!!! — BUYERS BEWARE OF MILANJ DIAMONDS-especially new and young buyers searching for diamonds at all locations that have the name Milanj Diamonds name because they will not stand by the products they sell you!!! Of course, now it is off to disputing this with American Express. We will most likely get our money back–BUT have learned our lesson not to step foot into MILANJ Diamonds. BEWARE especially young people looking for diamond rings. This company is an ALL SALES ARE FINAL company that will not back up the quality of their products. DO NOT SHOP FOR DIAMONDS HERE!!!! Ever!!! Seek a GIA certified reputable company instead! .

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