Miles Standish

Miles Standish is dangerous and violent

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Published: 14 August 2017

Posted by: Theresa B. Walls

Miles Standish has been abusing women domestically for years now, according to many of his ex-girlfriends. His last girlfriend died of massive trauma last June. He pushed her off his balcony when they were having a fight. They had been going out only for two months then. Her name was Kayla.
She had found out about how he was flirting with a mutual acquaintance and was very upset about it. They had been fighting about it all day and into the night. She threatened to leave him when he kept insisting that he could do as he liked. He got really angry, and early in the morning, Kayla was forced off the balcony.
First he tried to say it was an accident. Later, he made it as though she was suicidal because she thought he was going to leave her for the girl he was flirting with. There are bloody fingerprints on the balcony rails, which was her holding on for life. She was NOT suicidal. He has scratch marks on his hands, and the balcony was broken outward. But there were no witnesses and he got away. Her body was covered in bruises so nothing could be determined. On the same day that Kayla died, he was texting other girls because he was horny and was looking to hook up at his parents’ cabin.

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