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Published: 10 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Do NOT send your loved ones to Millennium Treatment Group, located in Lantana, Florida! There are many treatment centers in south florida that can really help people recover and are devoted to helping people overcome drug addiction. Millennium Treatment Group only sees dollar signs. Millennium has people that work for them recruiting clients on the street to go to their facility with bribes! Also they have their staff going to other treatment facilites offering their patients $100 gift cards if they leave and admit themselves to Millennium Treatment Group instead. This practice is ILLEGAL and potentionally dangerous for the patient. Parents should be able to trust that they are sending their loved ones to a quality addiction treatment center where they will be safe and not to a place that hires newly sober people to bribe people to come into treatment because they see people as dollars. Millennium may have many different phone numbers, but the main number is 1-800-649-3202 and their web site Substance abuse treatment is the last thing they care about. Millennium clearly does NOT care about the people they are treating. DO NOT send your loved ones in need of substance abuse treatment to Millennium Treatment Group.

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