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Published: 18 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Mimi Dragone in Waterbury AND Bridgeport ripped me off and I am stuck with a lemon. It started December 2013 when I went to Mimi Dragone in Waterbury. The manager showed me 2 cars I could “qualify” for. They where both 1999 Oldsmobile Intregues one blue, one white with alot of missing paint. I chose the blue one even though I had wanted a nice newer 4×4 they had there for $58 a week. I had excellent auto leasing history, but was told that the Oldsmobiles were the only ones for “buy here pay here”. It was ok, not really but… I was a single mom on Disability and needed a car to be able to go back to work. To kick things off, I had to give them $100 deposit so they could “detail” the car. This was around the 20th of Dec. I gave them $100 and went on my way to get the insurance in place. My car was not going to be ready for a week since they had just got it in and they needed to inspect it. I scheduled to start my training for a new job. On or around the 23rd of December, the car was still not done, I still paid another $100 with a money order & $1000 cash towards the purchase of the car so that my financing would not be so high. So when the $28th came, I used my awesome Subaru as a trade in for this newer car and gave them $800. The manager seemed happy about it. We signed the papers but my car was still not ready. “There is a light that keeps coming on but the mechanic can not figure out why.” TThe next day, I gave Mimi Dragone another $400 so I could get a jump start on my credit and payments. I was so excited I did not look at the contract. Price was never discussed. My term was monthly to be changed weekly when I was placed out of Training. I finally got my car January 4th. Then the nightmare began. ALL THE LIGHTS lit up on my dashboard like Christmas, my traction control turned itself off and almost caused an accident the next day! I immediately contacted Mimi Dragone and told the manager of the problem. I had paid $1200 for the extended maintenence and repair so he said he would call me to make arrangements to bring in the car. Mimi Dragone then started taking payments weekly from my bank in the amount of my monthly payment. I called and told them to stop. The Waterbury office told me Bridgeport handled the bank accounts. I called Bridgeport and they told me I had given them permission to withdraw. I told them yes but only for monthly! They informed me they only do weekly. I asked to speak to the owner and was informed he was not there. I kept waiting for the phone call about my appointment then never happened. I went to my training and took car of my car the best I could. (Oil change at J iffy Lube in February) Mimi Dragone was still pulling weekly from my account so I was again calling every Monday to tell them to stop, still no owner… My job was doing well and I had started making $1200 a week when on March 4th 2013, my engine started sounding awful! I immediately drove to J iffy Lube to have a quick diagnosis done. My engine threw a rod and the internal parts were messed up. I immediately walked next door and told the manager of Mimi Dragone what was happening. They drove the car over to the lot, looked at it and tried to blame me. “You didnt put oil in.” I showed them the receipt from J iffy Lube for Feb. 25th and then they preceded to blame J iffy Lube. They told me I needed a new engine. So I left the car with them where it sat for 2 MONTHS! I lost my job. When I told them I lost my job, they told me “there are other jobs, go find one.” I called every day to be lied to and batted back and forth between Waterbury and Bridgeport. They still took weekly payments til I canceled the account they drew from. Finally I told tthey could have the car, I want all my money back! They responded with “You owe us money because we could not draw from your account.” Long story short, I lost my job, stuck with a lemon that they put a used engine in and I am out more than this car is worth! They wanted me to pay $10,000 for a car that in excellent condition is only worth $1800. And this car is by far no where near excellent. Someone please help!!!

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