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Published: 28 November 2017

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DO NOT PRE-PAY CLASSES!! Lauren who is identified as the “business manager,” would not let me extend 6 classes that I purchased as a gift for my daughter. My daughter was the victim of a horrible crime and was unable to participate before the expiration date. Knowing they would expire I called 2 weeks ahead of time and it took 7 calls over a period of 3 weeks to track her down. She does not return phone calls. She would only let me extend the classes with the purchase of another 10 classes!! Who does that?? Lauren, that’s who! Never asked me one question about how she was or if she even survived! A mind/body practitioner she is NOT! A business who caters mostly to women should be compassionate and caring enough to be able to extend classes for customers who have odd circumstances. She then added that my adult daughter would need a drs note to clear her before she could participate again. I said I would be happy to bring in her Catscan and hospital discharge papers which were not good enough for her even though mostly injured people participate in the classes everyday and that is why they are there! They have no drs notes. My daughter was fully recovered and yet she talked about liability….. really no way for a business to act towards someone! I would not recommend this place to anyone in the future bc you have to pre-pay online in order to reserve your spot in the class. You never know what life will bring so I will never do this again knowing that this establishment is not willing to go the extra mile for their customers. I ran a business for 10 yrs and always allowed moms to make up their classes! It makes no sense to me why if there are open beds that people can’t join in?? It’s mean spirited, unkind, not the right thing to do, and a good way to lose your money. What ever happened to caring compassionate people whose motto is, The Customer is Always Right!

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