Mindy Jern

Mindy Jern will suck you in if you’re not careful

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Published: 07 August 2017

Posted by: Robert C. Welch

If you hear that Mindy Jern is friends with a guy, you can bet she’s already slept with him. So you are gonna want to be extra careful if you hear something about your husband or boyfriend in connection with her. She has never been in a relationship where she HASN’T cheated on the guy she is with. She cheated on her fiancé with a married man, believe it or not.
She works as a hairdresser but can’t hold a job. So she basically relies on guys for money. She loves being that mistress and she will hurt anyone who comes in her way. The people she sleeps with are no exception either.
The worst part? She will play the role of the innocent victim the whole time! For people who have the bad luck to come in contact with this woman, be careful. Consider this a warning. Trust your instincts. You’re probably going to feel like something is wrong when you start hanging out with this girl. And you should trust your gut then and get out when you still can.

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