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Don’t follow your instructions (really dangerous)

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Published: 16 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had recently recovered from a leg fracture. After the continuous rest for 10 months, I was finally able to walk with the plastic support stand. I had become extremely lazy and inactive. But there was no option of a workout or any playing any sport. For basic stretching and relaxation, I decided to go to Mint Leaf Thai Massage.

There were a Thai massage and combination. I requested for combination as it also included lotions and oils. I had requested the worker to not touch my left leg or specifically the knee. This is because I didn’t want to take any risk because of the fracture. The massage had started and it felt soothing. There was soft music being played and the dim lights made the perfect ambience. They started with my shoulders and moisturized every single part. Everything was just perfect until the man forgot that I had asked him not to do anything to my left leg. Carelessly, he pressed my left knee and the bones below it. I shrieked out in pain. The man was taken aback in confusion. I was groaning due to the severe hurt that I felt. I could not talk or move for a few moments. I lay down like a statue. The pain shot up my entire like. It felt I had become numb. After fifteen minutes, I came back to my senses.

Unfortunately, I could not walk. Not even with the help of the support. I did not understand why was it still hurting so bad. After all, I had recovered. I had to call my family member to take me home. I was made to sit in a wheelchair. The entire incident was very embarrassing. After I reached home, we called up a doctor. The next day I went for an X-ray. We found out that since such a short period had passed since I started walking, the bone strength and intensity were very less. Hence, a bone of the knee was dislocated due to the pressure. I was disgusted. I could not imagine myself having surgery due to this and then again, a long resting period.

I suddenly remembered one of my friends had been to this place. He had a skin infection and asked the worker to not use a specific oil. The worker did exactly the opposite and the disease worsened. Thinking of this, I cursed the massage centre. I should not have been to this place. The worker should have been gentle. He was also extremely forgetful. How could anyone forget such an important thing? I had asked him so many times not to touch the knee. He nodded but still, he forgot. He was so lost in the music that he did not pay heed to my words. Every person has different body needs and requirements. Not taking this seriously, can cause great pain and hurt to the customer. So many people suffer from accidents, injuries, fractures, allergies, etc. The massage providers should listen to the orders of their guests. Otherwise, it can cause a lot of trouble for them.

This incident has happened to me and with my friend. I am sure that it is going to happen with a lot of other people due to the negligence of the massagers. So I request all of you to not visit here again. It was a total waste of time. And in my case, I am going to lose more of my valuable time by being at rest.

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