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Unethical business practices are rampant here.

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Published: 26 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Mirabella motors are financing company that helps to buy your car by financing it. This lame company fraud you by giving you in house finance and later on take your car back and ask for money double the amount they had paid or else sell your car without even informing you. They won’t even contact you before reselling your care and won’t even feel ashamed of violating their clause.
I am a retired officer. Once I got a call from Mirabella motors and they asked me that they can finance me a car they were so polite and professional at the call. I thought about buying a car and decided to get it on finances. I financed a car from Mirabella motors. They provide you in house financing and a grace period of about 10 days prior to payment. I bought the car with down payment of $4000. My first payment was due to them and I called them two days prior asking them about their mailing address so I can mail them the payment. Payment got delayed of mailing by one day as I was waiting for my SS check. I didn’t have their any reply and after five days they claimed that they didn’t have got the payment and repossessed my car without any notice. They asked me to pay full payment of the car and repossession fees double they had paid to the company or they will resell my car. I called them again and again and asked them that I will pay first four payments in cash of my car so that they get assure that I am not running off but they denied. We had time of ten days to pay all the money and they assumed that due to my age and less income I won’t be able to pay them for my car. I took the money and went to them and what I saw was a board of ON SALE on my car even that the grace period was not over. I really got angry about this that how they could do this without even informing their customer and even that period was not over.
They just violated their contract and showed up the unethical business practice. They just thought I won’t be able to pay them and they could earn a lot of profit by reselling my car. What they just tried was taking an advantage of their customer and fools him by selling his car at great profits. I am not the first one to complaint about their unethical business practice many more of them had complaint about them earlier but they always hide it under false reviews made by their company only. They don’t have any right to put ON SALE board on my car without even telling me and till the grace time period ends.
At the time of giving finance they were so polite and humble and treats you so well with a respectful gesture and their consulting guide is so polite that you will not even feel that they will show such an unethical and unprofessional behavior and will violate their own schemes. Once they possessed my car they stopped answering my calls and replying my messages I remember that once I called them to ask some more period of time and the person talked to me so badly and rudely and asked me to pay full or forget I ever got a car. I also went to meet the manager but he made me wait for about 3 hours and was not even bothered to listen to me at that time. Due to my age factor I was unable to get my car financed from bank so I trusted them and that was the biggest mistake.
Beware guys don’t invest your money in a company like this who are so unprofessional and have no ethics of dealing with their customers and are so irresponsible and greedy and can do anything to make profit whether it includes violating their own conditions and terms. I hope that strict action is taken against you guys so that you may come to know how bad is to treat your customers and playing with their emotions I never thought a company like Mirabella motors could be so unprofessional and I won’t feel wrong to say such a fraud company. Don t be fooled by positive reviews and false rating because it is been given by their own people. Real reviews are all against them. Always have your car financed through a bank or a very reputed company which is known or has been tested by any of your family member or friend. Think thousand times before investing in companies like Mirabella motors or the unprofessional frauds.

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