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Horrible company; steer clear of them

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Published: 13 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased a system from these guys via eBay and they had earlier told me that it was a full system. However, I then discovered that a dump load had to be purchased and after it was installed around two days later and when there was no wind, I discovered that 5 out of the 9 blades came with broken tips. This really shocked me and I immediately contacted the company.

However, to my utter surprise, these guys told me that I would have to ship back the blades to them and then only would they replace the same. I told them that I would take pictures since I did not want to spend any more money. However, Mike Jones flatly told me that I had got what I basically paid for. I was running out of patience and still politely told him that it wasn’t my fault that they did not give the proper equipment. I also asked him whether disfigured and damaged products are sent by them for selling on eBay since these are not bought on their website. However, the question was not answered by Jones. eBay, to my surprise, supported the seller once a buyer protection case was filed since the item was installed. However, I was at my wits end trying to explain that how on earth would I know if a system works until the installation takes place. The eBay guys did not answer as well.

I will tell everybody to please stay away from this company by all means. Do not risk your money by choosing a company which first sells you the idea and then dumps sub-standard equipment on you. Once something stops working or goes wrong, they will show you an attitude that will just leave you feeling helpless and scammed. It’s a horrible company. Many other people have been cheated likewise. In fact, a lawsuit was filed by a victim to stop this company from committing output fraud and false manufacturing origin malpractices. This lawsuit can be found here at www.change.org/p/missouri-state-house-missouri-state-senate-missouri-governor-federal-energy-regulatory-commission-ferc-stop-missouri-wind-and-solar-from-committing-false-manufacturing-origin-and-output-fraud.

In another severe case of fraud, a Missouri Wind and Solar turbine was bought by another person. They made tall claims but the product just did not perform up to expectations. Production charts shown by the company were hyped to the customer and overall customer service is really horrible as stated clearly by this person. I think buyers should beware of this company since they sell third-grade stuff. I only wish that people are alerted and stop buying from them. They will then learn their lesson.

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