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Published: 26 October 2018

Posted by: Disabled Man

I am a disabled man. I went to Julie Martinez, the owner of Mittelwest German Shepherds and made a deal with her for a pup. I got this male pup and after being told by her boyfriend/manager Grant and herself this would be a show pup, we made a deal. After having this pup for a little over a month. We noticed he was very afraid of everything. Then we started noticing his tail was crooked. I tried calling Julie Martinez, and didn’t get a response until I placed some complaint ads up on breeding websites. She then gave me a female pup in return for the male pup, which I had to place because she was going to put it down. We had the same problem with the female pup, we brought it to Julie’s training facility in Wonder Lake and the female pup would not do the bite work. She insisted that I wait until she gets a nice pup and one that she felt would be a good fit for me. She did sell that female pup to someone else but I never recieved any of the money and it has been over a year now and still no replacement pup. I have tried emailing her but she has a different excuse each time. These pups came from a breeding out of a dog she owns named V1 Yasso vom Mittelwest SchH3. She has many pups that were bred from this dog and I am sure many more issues and complaints. We became friends and I seen first hand how the dogs and pups are treated at her facilities and its not good. The kennels are dirty, the manager yells and abuses the dogs, she uses kids to do what adults should do and so much more. I will also be making complaints on many other sites until I get the pup that was promised to me. I also know so much about her operations and the handeling of the dogs and pups on her property and all this is, is a big puppy mill and these poor dogs sit in kennels all day and all night coming out only when people come for training or to buy a pup. They bleach the kennels and put the dogs right back into them before they are even dried off. They bathe the dogs and pups only when someone is coming to see them. They dont spend time with the dogs and all they care about is breeding and making money at the cost of others. The register the pups under their kids names and others because she has had so many complaints. There is so much more, if you are interested in knowing more please let me know. Thanks

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