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They are worthless!

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Published: 04 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been one of the most reputed and respected people in my locality and this was because I owned a lot of sport and vintage cars as well. Once, one of my frequently used cars was looking very rusty and outdated. I decided to give it a punch of colour and a funky look as well. In short, I decided to customize my car. The whole of the car customization was done within 3 weeks and only the last part which was the tinting of the window was left. Being emotionally attached to my cars I decided to take them to the best-automated shops in the city and the ones who would not make any mistake with the tinting. I researched online about the best tint shops and also took plenty of suggestions from my fellow friends and found out Mitten Auto Tint & Customs to be the best for my service.
I made an appointment with the manager for the same day and was told to come around in the evening. I took my car to the right place at the right time and approached one of the staff members to have a look at my car. He was quite busy with his phone to pay attention to my car. I tried to make him understand the emotional attachment with my car, and even after repeating it for the third time that he should handle my car with care all he did was a nod and say ‘ok’. Then I told him about the black matte finish transparent look of the window that was to be fixed, he told me to come back after he gives me a call. A week passed by and I eagerly waited for their call. Generally, it takes a maximum of 5 days for the window tint to settle down permanently but it was already a week and I didn’t receive any call from the Mitten Auto Tint & Customs.
I had to give them a call because I wouldn’t wait for anymore. The staff then informed that my car was ready to be taken back home. I went to the place right then and the scenario after waiting for a week-long was very disappointing. The window tint colour was different from what I said. The combination of blue and black finish didn’t go well with outer looks. The window shield was also not transparent. I really couldn’t imagine the mess that the mechanic made in my car. It couldn’t get any worse when I saw dents on my bonnet which was noticeable from a distance. The work was not even satisfactory and on requesting the mechanic for fixing every mistake done by them I was straight away ignored and was told that it would cost extra money to do so. By this type of unprofessional work, I would recommend no one to come to the Mitten Auto Tint & Customs for any kind of customization or replacement of window tint because all they do is spoil the sober look of your car. Therefore, please stay away from this custom shop.

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