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I hate it and I’m sure you’d hate it too.

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Published: 11 July 2019

Posted by: Jade

Firstly, Modani Furniture Atlanta doesn’t even deserve 1 star, although their items are sleek and chic looking, their local and corporate customer services are of low quality. Here are some of the facts supporting the same; about a year ago my friends purchased two leather couches and unfortunately one of the couches, the legs buckled about a month ago. They are not large people …93 pounds and 150 pounds, and they rarely sat on the furniture since they were busy most of the time, hence saw it necessary to call Modani Furniture Atlanta for warranty for a replacement of the couch legs since it was a product defect. “We don’t warranty anything, we don’t carry replacement of parts and we don’t give any information out of the company”, they responded. They never gave up and decided to call Modani corporate headquarters instead but still, there was no response. They were attracted by the flashy and shiny products and services are actually poor.

Secondly, one of their customers loved the design but hated poor leather quality. Right the next day after purchasing he found some peels spots so they gave him a $700 discount. He really wished to return back the product but there was a restocking fee of around $1500 more so they didn’t have any manufacturer warranty. A month later he got more little peel so he got disappointed since the leather was so easy to peel and five months later he saw huge spots peel away and he was so upset for a $5000 sofa like that because even faux leather doesn’t degrade like that within five months. He really wished that he could have asked for a protection plan since he didn’t have any manufacturer warranty.

I did some digging and I found out about another customer. He concluded that as beautiful as their products may be, their services are very horrendous and it’s incredible they are in business. The customer bought a sectional from them which actually turned out great so he asked an associate about ordering 6 pillows. Unfortunately, there was no response. Apparently, it costs $149 to ship and nobody actually could give him a clear answer on why or if anything better could be done. The customer’s in-laws are currently building 2 houses and he would highly recommend the style that Modani Furniture Atlanta offers but due to their horrible services, he prefers going elsewhere.

Fourthly, another customer had a great buying experience at the store, but the furniture was extremely of poor quality. Surprisingly, the company has no literally any product warranty and even does not attempt to fix or even replace product defects at all. He stayed with the sofa for less than a month and there were two places where the padding underneath the leather is bunching up, eventually causing the front of the sofa to look like it sagging. On top of this when he moved the sofa to hang a picture in the living room, it came to his attention that there was a hole on the leather on the left side of the couch. He actually contacted customer services thinking he might be assisted on the same only to be told there is no warranty period and the company will not standby its products. Honestly, this is not a good way to do business. Be warned of Modani Furniture Atlanta.

I listed this all out so you can see how terrible Modani Furniture Atlanta really is. You wouldn’t want to get in touch with a business which doesn’t care about the quality of its products and the service it provides.

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