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Terrible customer services/shipping procedures.

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Published: 11 July 2019

Posted by: Kenya

First and foremost, it took me 3 good weeks to get my furniture scheduled for delivery. Initially, I tried to understand that orders were backed up from Memorial Day. When I called again the following week, they told me that the problem was there was some kind of computer error and the shipping company wasn’t receiving their orders. This was annoying since I expected to receive my furniture in a week or so and didn\’t have any furniture in my apartment while I waited, but again I tried to be patient. When I finally got the call from the shipping company to schedule my delivery, they told me that they only do delivery weekdays until 4 pm. The manager at the Modani store had specifically told me that they deliver until 7 pm so that I could be home to receive the delivery after work. So because of their very inconvenient delivery hours, I would have had to take time off of work just to be home and receive the delivery, which I couldn\’t do because I had just started a new job.

When I called the Modani store to ask about this, the salesperson I spoke to (Alex I believe) was totally apathetic to my situation and didn\’t even bother to apologize. He just told me to call customer service, which I did and they offered to refund my down payment of $155. They said that someone from the Modani store would call me within 48 hours to get my card for the refund. Given my experience so far with Modani, I was skeptical that this would happen and I was right, I did not hear from them within 48 hours. So I called them again, and they transferred me to the store manager, who said that she hadn\’t received the e-mail from customer service and it was probably because their customer service had been having internet issues. How can you run a business and not have good enough internet to send/receive orders properly? They did refund me the money, which I appreciate, but overall I had a very disappointing experience with Modani. The people working in the store have terrible customer service skills, the communication between the store and their 3rd party shipping company seems to be very poor since the store employees don\’t even know what the current shipping hours are.

Secondly, a friend of mine said that the quality was ok and the price was ok. But there is bad service in the store and he got overcharged. Then it got worse with the wrong deliveries and it took him months to get the right items. His experience was terrible. He purchased a couch and 4 stools. They looked very contemporary and classy. Problem is that after a month they stopped working. The stools didn’t hold and the couch recliner didn’t work. He called them and they told him that he only had 7 days for warranty. That\’s very unfair and he said he will never purchase from them. He travels most of the time so he is not at home for most of the weekdays. So he sat on these items less than 5 times and now he need to repurchase another $6,000 which he wasted for a month usage. What a scam.

Thirdly, a little over a year ago, some customers furnished their new condo with many items from Modani. Couches, chairs, rugs, beds, etc. They spent around $18,000. Barring a few hiccups from some rude delivery people, their experience was pretty great, and the products had held up nicely. Later on, they decided to buy a bookshelf for around $800. Tony, who had previously helped them, said that shipping and assembly would be fairly pricey, so since it was just one item that they should pick it up and assemble it themselves. They did, as he told them assembly would be easy. They got the item home and put it together. It was indeed easy to assemble. They noticed that some of the shelves were crooked, but when they told Tony, he said that there\’s nothing they can do since they chose to assemble it themselves. He said he spoke to the corporate office, and they told him they had to keep the shelf as it was. He then said that they could exchange it for a floor model, but that the floor model had crooked shelves too. They had about another $25,000 to spend to finish their dining room, lighting, other seating areas, tables, rugs, etc., but due to this situation, they decided to spend the rest of their money at Crate and Barrel. The fact that this place is able to screw up so many orders in different ways shows how bad these people are. I don’t think you should trust them at all. Don’t make the mistake of buying anything from these people. You’d regret it.

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