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Published: 17 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Update added by user Jan 02, 2014 Mode Elle Incorporated is NOT who they appear to be. I had spent over $2,000 with this agency. I am totally dissatisfied even shocked that I have not received my money’s worth. My experience with Mode Elle made me realize that Audra uses high pressure sales tactics to convince people to pay out money upfront without anything very promising in return. This especially applies to the Canadian Model and Talent Convention in which I didn’t attend. This was because I had to pay around $2000 upfront even if I didn’t attend with no refund whatsoever. I was told by e-mail that before attending this convention that it was an absolute requirement to sign a three year contract to stay with Mode Elle before being certain if I would get auditions. If you are with a reputable agency, they would get you work through clients around the world without having to charge you any money up front like Mode Elle did with the exception of photoshoots. And there are definitely models and actresses there that will “make it big” but it’s the ones that have been given false hopes, false promises, false dreams, and leave with broken hearts, and huge disappointment that make this agency wrong. The stories of success that Audra promotes are mainly through her agency, Mode Elle and you have to ask yourself would they have been successful without this convention? Most likely yes. I trusted this woman after her sweet talking us into her agency, but the expenses never stopped, there was always a reason to spend more and more money. First came the Professional Female Modelling, Acting and Self Enhancement course which cost $960.00 which is mandatory to take if you want to even be represented professionally by Mode Elle. There was also the website fee of over $160.00 and the Canadian Model and Talent Convention where Audra mentioned that only a select few would be chosen to go but it seemed that everyone that auditioned was going! What a money making scam. Every photoshoot also cost me over $400. I never got a call for any auditions, local fashion shows, or call backs where anything beneficial would happen for me. It was all about spending money with this woman. After doing a bit of research is when I found out how big of a scam Mode Elle really was. What a shame I didn’t find out until it was too late; I had already paid the majority of the fees for the Canadian Model and Talent Convention, and if I hadn’t paid the remainder fees a collection agency would have been sent after me! I felt pressured by Mode Elle’s high pressure sales tactics to pay the remaining $650.00 after I had paid my first installment of $478.00. This money I spent had drained me of my finances even further. I also paid $500 per photoshoot ($1000 altogether for two photoshoots) and another $150 for comp cards, $295.00 for an acting class, and $295.00 for the CMTC preparatory workshop! Clients that need models, look else where. Ninety percent of the girls Mode Elle represents are not even eligible to be modelling; they are just chosen because Audra can make money off of them and they get lucky even if they make it to the modelling management division. Most likely for 90% of these girls this will never happen. My advice: Stay far away from Mode Elle Model and Talent Agency, and the Canadian Model and Talent Convention! Audra Anderson is the owner of Mode Elle, and the President of CMTC! There are much better ways for you to get discovered; Mode Elle and CMTC is NOT the way to launch your career! The worst part of this story is I attempted to sue Mode Elle Inc. over a year ago in Belleville. During the first part of the trial the judge sided with me and he was being reasonable! In the end since I couldn’t afford legal representation and Audra Anderson hired a lawyer to represent her fraudulent company! Inevitably I ended up losing the court case. And to think; Just a few months after the lawsuit I had official modelling representation which officially proved Mode Elle staff wrong after I lost the case! Low and behold 2 years later after leaving Mode Elle I am now represented by a modelling agent in Toronto who is now properly marketing me! I proved Mode Elle wrong; especially since they were the ones that told me I didn’t have the physical requirements to model! Please do not go to Mode Elle in Kingston or Belleville! If you are going to an agent please do your research and look in Toronto not in these small towns that don’t have the markets that models need to be promoted internationally! .

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