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Beware of Modern Business TV. They are looking to loot you!!

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Published: 14 November 2018

Posted by: Ron

I don\’t know if any of you good folks have received an email from this so called TV business company. It\’s always the same exact email but sent under different names. They claim to be an hot shot company with their best interest at heart for your company which they wish to associate with their \”popular TV show\” that airs on the reputed networks of FOX and ABC. Bloody scammers! Always posing under different names with the same bloody proposal. And that\’s not even the best part lol. These people want you to invest 20,000 dollars in the making of this supposed show that airs on FOX and ABC when in reality, the real deal that no one talks to you about is that they will just simply create a 5-minute YouTube video clip that doesn\’t air on any channel whatsoever. It is simply posted to a rubbish YouTube channel that no one visits or gives two shit about.

Bloody money mongers! Sullying the name of good channels for their benefit. I urge you all to not fall for this scam. They have dedicated people working with them who will trap you in their talks until you have no way out.

Watch out for this email or anything similar to this format. As soon as you see it, know that it is FRAUD!


I’m the Personal Assistant to Gary Williams, Associate Producer for “Modern Business”. It’s a national television show hosted by Mike Ditka that educates viewers about a variety of business and industry topics.

As part of our production schedule, we’re developing a segment on “XXXXXXXXXXXXXX”. We have an interest in arranging a brief call with the CEO/Owner to learn more about how XXXXXXXXXX might relate to the topic and show.

We’re working under scheduling timelines, so I would need to coordinate some time for you and the Producer to speak within the next few days. You can reply by email or phone with some available times.

Our show’s website is


Mariah Kelly
Production Assistant
Modern Business
954-282-6644 Ext 1093

It may sound genuine at first but you will regret it with all you have. They are scammers and money hungry losers who can\’t stick to an honest day\’s job to fill their greed. The moment you see the email, don\’t just ignore it, infact I suggest you report it immediately! They need to be brought down. We all know how much 20,000 dollars in worth. We have gotta reach out to people who can be likely victims of these scammers. They are not worth. They need to be dragged to the ground and be arrested!

In fact, if you visit their website, you will be convinced that they are genuine and are really out there to connect you with people in the show business. They boast of many accolades and prizes on their page as well. Now I don’t know if they have made those prizes up or actually created a fake platform for all that as well but mark my words! They mean no good! They are tricskters! They will run awat with your 20,000 dollars which you will never see another penny of. It has happened to many people. SO many have fallen prey to their scam. You know how newbies in the entertainment industry are. They wan’t nothing more than tp be on screen. These people promise them that dream and quietly emoty their pockets. They have manged to create a genuine and authentic typpa upfront but behind those curtains, they are dirty, thieving low lives who are just out there to make some money out of folling people. BEWARE!!!

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