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Will put your life at risk and deny any accountability.

Don’t trust these guys. I used to remain in constant pain because of their chiropractic adjustments and when I complained, they would tell me that it was normal and I shouldn’t worry. Then one day, I felt severe pain in my upper back after the session. They gave me some painkillers and told me to stop worrying. The pain wasn’t going anywhere. And it was hindering my mobility as well. I have a desk job but still, I wasn’t able to go to work for two days because of the pain. Seeing my serious condition, my family took me to the hospital where they found out that an artery was disturbed in my upper back which led to this painful condition. When they asked me if I had done something unusual before the pain, I told them that I had gotten a chiropractic adjustment. That’s when I figured out that these people had put my life at risk. I could have died because of that condition. I was taking a serious amount of painkillers to cope with the pain induced by that disturbing artery.

I brought up this discussion with the guys at Modern Chiropractic & Pain Relief. They didn’t take any responsibility for this issue. They told me that their service wasn’t responsible for what had happened to me. According to them, it must’ve been caused by my irresponsibility. They were putting the blame on me! They were making me feel guilty for something they had done. I had started visiting this place after some of my friends recommended me to. They told me that the chiropractic adjustments of this place will help me in reducing stress and all. I was skeptical at first and the sessions didn’t seem any fruitful. I visited this place for a little over a month and that’s it. It was my 6th visit to the place. I used to feel strong pain in my upper back after those adjustments but I never realized they could be this dangerous. Those people never even told me about the risks of their procedures. They thought that by giving me a bunch of painkillers, they can cover up their mistake. But clearly, they were mistaken. Those guys are irresponsible and careless. They don’t care about the health of their patients. No, all they want is the money in your pocket and that’s it. It was a near-death experience for me! They are negligent practitioners who shouldn’t be allowed to run a clinic of this sort. Don’t be fooled by all those positive reviews. They all are lying to you. The reality is much different. I had asked these people for a refund to compensate for the hospital bills. But they told me that they weren’t responsible for any of that so they wouldn’t issue me any refund or anything of that sort. They told me that I must’ve disturbed my artery through some other dangerous stunt. Don’t trust those guys!

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