Moishes Moving Systems

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They are not loyal and reliable.

I was shifting to my new house and therefore was in search of a good moving company who could help me to shift my belongings as well. I needed a company who would not just help me to shift my belongings but also take care of it personally with proper transportation and packing..
While searching for the same, I got to know about the company named ” MOISHE’S MOVING SYSTEM”. They promised me for proper storage and packing of my belongings. They even charged me more but I was ready to pay more since my belongings were too expensive and I didn’t want to take any risk. Therefore, I hired them on a high price and expected the best services.

But unfortunately, I got disappointed. The services they gave were more than pathetic and my belongings are of now no use. My wife told me that the workers had no sense of how to behave with the customers and had no business ethics. It was really very upsetting that even after paying so much, I didnt get the expected services. They just threw my belongings and didn’t even pack them properly. Half of my belongings are now broken and full of dust. I am not just getting what should I do with these belonging now. I have wasted my money as well as now I have no other belongings too.

Later when I called the manager of the company, he just lied and denied for his duty. He took the side of his workers and didn’t respond properly.

Overall I realized that they are just fake. They are just making false promises and fooling their customers. They lack business as well as life ethics and therefore I would never recommend even a single person to hire their services .

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  1. Jason August 4, 2019

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