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Moronic Perverts!

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Published: 13 February 2019

Posted by: Wendell Thomas

I am not writing this review to say bad things about the clinic, I just want to make people aware of the real side of this company. I went the Molen Orthodontics for the treatment of my two kids. Both of them had minor teeth alignment problems. One of them is a 13-year-old and the other is 15, their front four teeth were not aligned perfectly. The doctors at the Molen Orthodontics didn’t explain what procedure they will be using for the treatment and they were just skipping the sessions. The behaviour of the staff (except the reception) was totally unprofessional. The doctor asked ME my age and asked if I was single! I am a single mother but this is just absurd to ask a woman out in front of her children! The doctors were always checking me out and I felt really uncomfortable talking to them. One doctor, in particular, was too horny and flirted all the time, I avoided him as much as possible but he just didn’t quit. One day he followed us to our house! As a girl, I get teased and flirted with all the time, however, I do not expect such behaviour from my kids’ doctors. They are PERVERTS! I haven’t felt more uncomfortable my whole life. They stared at me almost the whole time I was in the clinic and it didn\’t feel good. Not only that, the braces that they provided for my kids were “painful to wear” as my 13-year-old states. I consulted the doctor and told him about the braces and he said that the pain is just temporary and it will be gone after a couple of days. However, even after 2 weeks, I could see the discomfort and uneasiness in the eyes of my kids. I had to get a totally new set of braces for my kids from another clinic and this time there no problems at all. The braces were comfy to wear and the staff was much more professional. After my experience with Molen Orthodontics, all I can advise you is to stay away from these morons. The doctors at this clinic are perverts and hit on almost all the women who come here. If you are a female then definitely stay away from Molen Ortho, these don’t care about anything. Moreover, they are not even good at their job. They charged me $4,000 for the “painful” braces, which my daughters wore only for 3 months. I know that medical care is expensive in the States, but their prices are just absurd. Please stay away from Molen Orthodontics, there are may better alternatives, but when compared to this piece of shit, almost any other clinic is better. I don’t like to write negative stuff about any company however, this clinic crossed many lines and provided the worst services while charging me a fortune, I hope that more people see the reality of this clinic and avoid it before making any major mistakes.

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