Molly Bennett

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Molly Bennett is a racist pig !

Molly is an adult actress, or you can call her an adult female performer or and adult entertainer, call her whatever, this woman is a slimy bitch. She is racist and sick-minded, I mean the level of racism she has in herself, in equal to a million people combined.
She hates coloured people, particularly African-American men, that is black men. She hates black people, all in all. Such a racist pig she is!
She comes from LA, California, and her birth name is different to what she carries now, it was Mia Jemsen back then. She has tremendous amount of hatred for black people , and that makes me sick in the stomach. I don’t know how exactly skin colour or skin pigmentation matters, but to this white bitch it does!
Molly Bennett must be properly and permanently condemned for being the repugnant, cold-hearted, heartless, spiteful, and malice-filled skin color discriminator, distasteful, sickening, putrid, corrupt, disgusting, cruel and also a toxic, mentally-poisoned, and monstrous racist bigot that she totally and most certainly is.
How can someone be as racist as she is, and why? Why be racist, that person neither knows you or even keeps interest in knowing you. God knows what this porn star thinks of herself, as if she herself is a beauty bomb, where as all is, is FAKE! That’s right, she is worse than barbie.

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  1. Nate Higgers July 5, 2019

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