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With these primaries all over the news, I couldn't help but to remember these events that took place

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Published: 12 February 2017

Posted by: Thomas M. May

Back in 2012, the Republican Party was in the middle of the primaries and someone was having a field day there. They were deeply involved in some shady shit with the registration of the voters. This is actually a really easy story to check out and there are facts that can easily be confirmed. GOP hired a firm called Momentum Political Services based in Sacramento. They basically paid them $50,000 to sign new voters in Sacramento. But the owner of Momentum Political Services had an extensive criminal record.

Her name was Monica Harris and you can easily look her up. You will find her criminal record and convictions for stealing, extortion and fraud. Two of her victims called her a professional con artist in the courtroom. How could that be possible? Either the whole leadership that was in charge at that time in GOP was clueless to this (which would be fucking epic) or they knew exactly who Monica Harris was and they hired her for a reason. But I can’t imagine the reason for hiring a convicted scammer and have it be legal at the same time. Like I said, it was some really shady business that cast a murky shadow on the whole party.

But there is more to this story ‘cos the employees in Momentum Political Services were also a known criminal. Remy Heng had been convicted of fraud as well. He pleaded guilty in Sacramento District court to his role in a scam that ended up being a multimillion scam. It was some kind of a mortgage scam. All of this can be verified as well if you look up Sacramento County court records. This story was even highly publicized in the media. I remember feeling like crap ‘cos I was a republican my whole life and these idiots were tarnishing the good name of GOP.

Not the end of this story yet! Allegations soon started to rise against Momentum Political Services after a clerk figured they turned in more than 7000 fake registration forms. That’s when the real scandal broke.

These registration forms had fake names and addresses, social security numbers were duplicated and they were all dismissed. What was really fucked up about this whole story is that GOP leadership was publicly accusing the democrats of voter registration frauds and buying fake votes while they were doing it all along and GOT CAUGHT! I mean the scandal couldn’t be worse and it ended up losing them a lot more than state election. The good name and reputation of GOP was so shaken up that people like me were ashamed of the leadership.

The reaction of a campaign manager at the time was appalling as well. He did nothing to stop the practice and it is something that continues to be done today. Back then, we got in front of the media and called the whole incident “unfortunate”. That gives me the belief that the whole voting system is corrupted and that your vote does not count at all on any level. I will not vote this term as I still feel the burn from that scandal and I lost the faith in the GOP and in the government in general. EVERYBODY knows that this is still going on and nobody from the justice department is lifting a finger. WHY? ‘Cos they are all crooked and all they really care about is money and power. Trust me, YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED all the time by both of the parties and every time it is under the illusion that you are helping your country. I had to be an idiot to now support GOP, or democrats for that matter. But what are the alternatives?

I will repeat this again. This whole story is based on the facts that can easily be confirmed and this is what hurts me the most. It all got buried and no one was sanctioned for this fraud ‘cos they are all still doing the same shit over and over again. We are just given an illusion that our vote matters while they are playing games amongst themselves and using our hard-earned money to do it. WE do not deserve this and they do not deserve to lead this country. The GOP I voted for is not the same GOP we have today.

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