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SCAM - their workers destroyed the solar water system piping

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Published: 07 July 2016

Posted by: Anonymously

As the other person stated, their warranty as stated by their sales rep is a scam. They talk about how their company makes the shingles and they will last forever, and how their workmen are all employed by their company, so they do superior work which is also lifetime warranteed. But after the roof is installed, a few months later they mail the \”real\” warranty, and it has that 3 year, non-prorated clause, then after that it will cost money for them to fix any problems. The sales rep also said if there is ever a hurricane or damage due to storms, etc. that we don\’t have to call the insurance company, since they will fix it, under the lifetime warranty and the wind mitigation warranty. We have a solar hot water system, and the sales representative said thye work with a company in Clearwater, Florida that removes and replaced the panel on the roof so that it will not void the warranty, but that they don\’t work in our area across the state and we would have to have a local company do our panel.

The solar company we used called Parlament to make sure that the procedure they used to re-install the panel wouldn\’t void our warranty, and they agreed that the solar company\’s work was satisfactory. Before the roof work was done, the solar panel was removed and stored, and the roofing workers came out and did their job, we were charged for additional plywood where they said they had to replace come panels that were weak. When the solar company returned to re-install the panel, the roofers had shoved all the pipes and wires to the panel, left on the roof, bundled with flashing surrounding them, into the attic, bending up all the copper pipes and plugged the hole, and shingled over the openings. Parlament is now saying that it isn\’t their responsibility to fix the damage they did to the solar system\’s plumbing (which is an estimated $1000) because we had a third party company contracted to do the work, instead of them contracting the work. As for the weak spots in the roof plywood, that still seem to be weak and mushy to walk on, they are saying that it has been 3 months, and why are we just now reporting it. We told her that we didn\’t know it until the solar company came to re-install their panel that the roof had weak spots, because we thought they were a reliable company and didn\’t feel it necessary to have to go up on the roof to see if their work was actually done.
If Parlament comes out to your house and tries to sell you a \”lifetime\” warranty roof, don\’t believe them, it is all a play on words and not really a true statement. And that part about being able to transfer it to one person, in the version they send you after the fact says it has to be within 5 years after they do the work. And the warranty is not valid unless they inspect it every two years.

They don\’t seem to stand by their work as stated in all their ads on Orlando TV channels 6 and 9. It is all smoke and mirrors. If we had known about all this before, we would have gone with a company in our county that gave us an estimate lower than our insurance estimate, and not had the headaches with our solar panel we now have.

We plan on reporting it to the local TV stations as a ripoff, and maybe get them to do something about it.

Their office personnel actually had to nerve to say that since the solar company didn\’t take pictures of how they left it when they removed the panel, that maybe they did the damage to the copper pipes, then she said that their workers had to shove them down into the roof and shingle over them because if it rained before the panel was put back on, it would have damaged the the roof installation.

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