Monique plays with married men

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Published: 21 August 2017

Posted by: Raul C. Bourg

She LOVES dating all the married men. No single guy would want to date her anyway. She is just not their thing! So she hits on married men. She is a cunning one and does all the research on the guy before trapping him. She finds out the man’s likes and dislikes and about things that his wife would not be giving him and then starts her game. She will start by befriending you, your wife and children. She will listen to all your everyday problems and would gift you good things. While being all friendly and nice with the family, she’ll have an affair with the man. She doesnt mind hurting anyone who comes her way and has got nothing to do with ethics or morals. She has kids but they don’t respect her for the kind of woman she is. She tells all the guys that she has been hurt before in her previous relationships despite being loyal and faithful. The guy would mostly fall for her as she pretends to be super nice and caring. A few months after the start of the relationship, she turns psycho. The guy is forced to leave her and then she moves on to the next person. She ruined a beautiful relationship where the couple had been together since 20 years. The stupid guy fell for her tricks and lost on something good for this bitch. He will come to know the reality when she’ll start hiding her phone and will be coming home late. Guys just beware of her. She is a dangerous woman who would make everything fall apart in your life eventually.

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