Monitium plays on ignorance - makes false claims to attract customers.

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Published: 11 August 2017

Posted by: Veronica T. Simmons

Confusion isn’t good. Some scams are solely based on making consumers feel lost and confused. This is another technique to win confidence and develop an understanding. I’m pretty sure Monitium is one such brand or program. The guys behind it are very clever and cunning. They’ve created buzz in the market by issuing a statement stating their program is quite different from MLM. They’re different but not without risk. In my opinion making false claims is wrong. To trick people to join them and keep them in dark is utterly vicious. Please stay away from Monitium!!
The methodology is the same. It’s no different from Multi Level Marketing (MLM) programs. The underlying difference is several sources of income in comparison to traditional MLM. U would continue to earn if one or more companies go down. This is it.
I got tricked by Alan. He is a sales officer with Monitium. My family was planning for New Year celebrations. This guy called and offered a proposal. I’ve always trusted people in my life. I agreed to join them on good faith.
I want them to turn into zombie. I don’t want them dead. They should suffer the pain. It was such a tough period in my life I’d to cut social ties to get confidence back. I was angry for simple reasons. These guys have no rules, class or compassion for fellow citizens. I know I cannot ask scammers to be kind or good. I also know I don’t expect them to behave like criminals. They’re ruthless.
I’d never heard from Alan or any team member after that. Their program sucks. They told me I can earn handsome income. At no point, they mentioned the program follows the MLM business model. They continued to talk about the advantage of having multiple companies.
My question is they should have told me about business model before asking me to join them. The part that the number of people I introduce to system should bring more people to start earning was never discussed for once. This was horse shit. I’d no understanding of MLM or any such model. You can call them (1-877-882-2647) or mail ([email protected]) but they don’t reply.
I’m angry with Monitium because they should have made guidelines clear. They hid these points to play me. This is the work of a scam artist. I cannot say about others but these guys are criminals. They should be treated like anti-social elements.
To call them cheaters doesn’t underline the gravity of situation. I’ve shared my voice on different sites. I want to tear them apart and kill their business.
They’d put me under unnecessary pressure. This was my first experience of dealing with scammers. I request everyone to destroy Monitium. I know these guys keep on looking for an opportunity to trick more people. I want them to know there won’t be any easy targets from now.

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