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medical scammers who are falsely advertising their services

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Published: 27 April 2019

Posted by: Logan

These people have no knowledge whatsoever of pediatrics and medicine. All they know about is lying and deception. I had a rough experience with these people and it helped me find out the truth about these scammers too. If I were you, I’d stay miles away from these doctors and this clinic. They don’t possess proper certifications to operate and are working with fake degrees. It would be better for you to find someplace else.

If you think Monroe Pediatrics is full of professionals and caring people you are mistaken. These people can’t diagnose simple issues. When I had brought my daughter to these people, she had some stomach ache. They made me and my little one wait for an hour even when we had arrived 15 minutes before the time of the appointment. And when they took a look at my daughter they weren’t able to give proper medication. They just told me that I should let her rest and she’ll be fine. But her pain didn’t go!

I then visited another doctor the next day where he gave her a few medicines and her condition improved quickly. If I had taken their advice I don’t know how much pain she would have faced. I might be overreacting but the thing a pediatrician should be able to treat a simple stomachache. And even with that kind of staff, the doctors at Monroe Pediatrics failed. I didn’t talk to them later but I asked around about these people. Turns out, Monroe Pediatrics has a poor reputation in the area.

Nobody likes to go there because of their crappy service and treatment. I was fooled by their website and their numerous positive reviews. If I had known their reality I would have never contacted these people. Think of it, if a group of doctors can’t even prescribe proper treatment for a simple stomachache then how they can run an entire clinic. I also found out that many of their doctors are working with fake certificates.

Yes, they are scammers who are lying to people. They are making false claims about their experience and expertise. The people in this area used to send their children to this clinic but because of their pathetic treatment, they stopped. Now Monroe Pediatrics relies on its website and its numerous fake reviews to get more customers. I’m certain if their fake reviews get removed, they will no longer be able to conduct business.

The problem is, no one suspects these people of being scammers. That’s because they market themselves perfectly and make it seem like they are the right choice for you. In reality, they are only good at telling lies. I wouldn’t trust a doctor who can’t prescribe a treatment for a simple stomachache. Again you might think I’m overreacting but if a doctor can’t solve such a simple issue then I don’t think she should be allowed to call herself a doctor.

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