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Published: 21 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Monster Product Subwoofer Cable M850 SW-20 is not as advertised. The Product Cable does not have the HexMesh Jacket feature as advertised on their Own Website, External Merchant Sites and on the Product Packaging. Problem Date: 3-28-2014 Purchase Date: 3-25-2014 Model Number: Monster M850 SW-20 M Series Order Number: Amazon 105-1883747-0049014 I ordered Monster Cable M850 SW-20 from Amazon’s merchant TopGoods. When the package arrived, I did not open it until needed. On the 28th, I opened the package to use it to connect my subwoofer to my home theater system. When I opened the package, I immediately noticed it did not have the HexMesh Jacket, it was just coated in Rubber. I expected the HexMesh Jacket, I own the 12′ version of this cable it it Does have the Jacket. The Amazon website illustrates the Jacket when you roll over image to enlarge it and if you scroll down to product description it is clearly labelled and illustrated. If you visit and navigate Home Theater-> Cables-> Audio Cables-> Subwoofer Cables then click on 2nd tab labeled M-Series you will see the Product M850 SW-20 (unable to copy or link in FireFox). Observe the product, it has the Wire Mesh. Click Details and you will see it labeled and illustrated. I tried to find a number for Monster Products, Inc. I was unable to find one on their site. I emailed customer service. Here is what I emailed: I just received my m850 SW-20 M-Series Cable. It does not have a wire mesh surrounding it. I also own the m850 SW-12 M-Series and it Does have the outer wire mesh. I just read reviews at Amazon and some people get the wire mesh and others dont. What is going on here? I am disappointed. Did I get a lesser product and should I return it? Brian D. I searched again and was able to locate a Customer Service number for Monster. I called 1-877-800-8989 and spoke to a young man. I explained the situation, I had to explain it several times. After waiting while he researched it, he informed me that the cable Was supposed to have the Wire Mesh. I called Amazon, and of course, they were Great. I explained the situation, they apologized for the inconvenience and refunded my money as well as issued a paid shipping label. I then went to reviews and left an unfair negative review of the Seller. That evening, I received an email response from Monster Support. It read: Hello, the M850 SW-20 does not have a HexMesh Jacket. The mesh had to be removed on the newer versions to be certified by UL for in-wall use. If you have any further questions, please contact Customer Service toll free at 877-800-8989 (Monday-Friday, 7:00am-5:30pm PST) with your inquiry. Monsterously!!! Customer Support Monster Inc Today, after mulling it over, I left a negative review at their site for this product. It read: This product is not as advertised. Websites, Packaging, including Monster’s own Site, show this package with a HexMesh Jacket. My product arrived without one. I called Monster Support, the kid on the phone informed me it should have the Jacket. I also emailed Monster with the same inquiry. I returned the product through Amazon. A day too late, I get this email — Email Printed Above — . This is extremely frustrating and disappointing. Monster Staff can’t get it right. Again, the Websites that sell these cables show the product with the HexMesh Jacket, still… including your own Site. The product packaging still shows the jacket. This is false Product Representation and False Advertising. Like many others, I wanted the Product shown, with the HexMesh Jacket. Anywhere I can post reviews of this product, I will inform potential buyers of the Cable change, the false representation not only on Websites, but also on the Product Packaging!!!!!! I found it intersting when I submitted my review, I got this message- Thank you for submitting your review. We will process your review. Accepted reviews will be posted in 3-5 business days. Somehow I don’t think my review will be accepted or posted. I did also write a BBB report. I copy and sent it to their customer support. In that report, I was asked what I wanted as an outcome. I answered I want the cable represented with the features I wanted and also that they Change their website, the product packaging and info to Merchants. Be nice if they also lowered the price of the product, afterall, it has less materials and less manufacturing steps. I have my emails if needed. I have not received any from them, but if I do- I will have those also. Might ask why I am going through so much effort by contacting the BBB, you and possibly others. I read down through the Amazon reviews, people observed or complained about the missing Jacket, but to my eye- they did nothing else. Roll over. I spent $50 on a cable. A 20′ cable. To me, that is a lot of money. You can get a lesser cord for a fraction of the cost. I have worked hard to slowly build my Home Theater system, a set up that I am proud of, enjoy and use everyday. I read this cable can make a lot of difference with your Subwoofer and its sound. I bit. I wanted to ensure I was getting every last drop of quality out my family’s Entertainment System. I loosened the wallet and made the purchase. I purchased what I wanted. I did not get what I paid for nor what I wanted and was presented to me. I got a lessor product. It is a lessor product- it is missing a feature that was advertised and that I wanted… a feature I paid for. The company has altered the product, but not its claims. That angers me. And I want them to know that. .

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