Monte Rosa Rural Guest House Algarve

Hiding Drug Traffickers, Police Investigations and Homosexual Peodophile Slander

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Published: 08 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymously

Monte Rosa Algarve stopped laughing when they were caught inciting pedofile slander, hiding drug traffickers on the run from the police, posting death threats and intimidating witnesses with being defamed as pedophiles.

A man called Hanuman who’s real name is Johannes Maasland stopped laughing when he was told to expect prison for trafficking in big sacks of weed. He was arrested by the GNR in 2016 with big bags of cannabis, 35 selos of LSD and other substances and by the time 2020 came was named in 400 police reports, 3 civil cases, 3 criminal cases and was told to expect 12-15 years in prison.

He was hidden up at Monte Rosa Algarve, Barao de Sao Joao, Lagos under a different name. The individual faces 12-15 years in prison for aggravated drug trafficking amongst various other criminal charges including absconding from police bail, threatening witnesses with being smeared as mentally sick peodophiles, making death threats, posting death threats and malicious defamation.

Monte Rosa were caught with their pants down hiding people from the Portuguese police and are named and shamed for involvement in posting pedofile slander about witnesses helping police into their investigations.

Johannes Maasland and several people at Monte Rosa  found the whole matter funny and arranged for people to taunt a Court Witness with over 300 counts of nasty humiliation including threats of murder and violence whilst fabricating lies and telling tales of being bullied.

That was whilst Maasland was on bail for trafficking in 14 kilos of cannabis, 35 seals of LSD. He ran away from the police three times and was caught in November 2019 in Lagos after using the internet to be nasty with the help of Monte Rosa, Algarve.

Monte Rosa stopped laughing when various websites tracked IP addresses and she stopped laughing when threatening people with being denounced as homosexual pedophiles went bad. The Policia Judiciaria got involved and Monte Rosa are named in police reports for involvement in criminal harassment.

They had to refund many bookings when tourists found out the truth that they were hiding drug dealers, threatening witnesses and spreading malicious lies, those who booked accommodation with Monte Rosa can call them to get a refund.

If they do not refund you call the GNR in Lagos to assist, they have to give the complaints book to avoid a 15000 euros fine.


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