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Published: 27 March 2020

Posted by: sankaraswinbanu

I have been assigned a task:, by the above company after logging with them. They asked me to use the link below to generate traffic and > earn money 10$ for every unique visitor that clicks your link. > good places to start posting your link are social websites like facebook, > twitter, google+, youtube, forums, chat rooms, blogs, etc. > > now i have managed 355 visits to my above link and the amount due to me is > 3550$, as they promised. They have not even credited me the amount. Their > website shows my earnings as only 265$, instead of 3550$. They said my payout > will be considered only after my earnings reach minimum 300$. So they are not > updating my earnings to 3550$. > > please look in to this problem and help me to get 3550$, as they promised. > > ref:my total visits:355.

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Enrique Grullon

Enrique M. Grullon, AKA “Ricky Grullon” is a 24 year old con man from Haverhill, Massachusetts. | Occasionally employed as a &

Auto Limites – Jaime Perdomo

I was refered to Mr Perdomo to replace the clutch in my Mitsubishi Montero. First of when I picked up my truck and went to drive home my

EZ Movers, Inc.

First let me say the gentlemen doing the actual work, picking up and moving items are top notch. Literally the only reason I give them any

Brandon Belmonte Marc Ravage

These people are scammers in our community they sell you a product and never deliver it to you. They borrow money and never pay it back.

Aamco [Frelinghuysen Automatic Transmissions#16901

I can’t EVEN begin to go into what this company and its owner, Warren, did to me!! Bottom line: after REPEATEDLY telling them not to

Urban Outfitters

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JS Portrait Studio

They do not have a business license or tax license, they are not any type of LLC or business, they take pet photos so sometimes they have

Ms. D. Kokie Dinnan

Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being. As a therapist, my