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Published: 24 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Mike Mihaylov and Montway Auto Transport Ripped Me Off For $16,200 Mike Mihaylov, the CEO of Montway Auto Transport, engaged me to help him with overhauling the Montway website to rank in Google organic search for high value terms again since Mike or a previous Montway employee had done shady things in the past and got penalized by Google for them. Mike Mihaylov’s Horrible Employee Treatment and Deceit Our agreement was for a flat monthly contracted rate to be split evenly and paid twice monthly by direct deposit from Montway to my account. I am not attaching specific numbers, strategy discussions, or other documents to ensure adherence to an NDA. If Mike and Montway release me from the NDA, I will be happy to share more specifics highlighting the company’s egregious and deceptive behavior. After 3 weeks of work, I inquired about expected payment date and was told to submit an invoice, and obvious tactic by Mike Mihaylov to delay payment and continue to receive service. I complied and submitted an invoice for the services that I had provided to date. The next morning, I attempted to log into the various systems that Mike Mihaylov had given me access to for Montway and found I had been stripped of access to all of them. I emailed Mike Mihaylov directly to ask about the access issue and received no response. I messaged Mike Mihaylov over the following weeks to inquire into the status of the invoice multiple times and never once did he respond. I did not receive notice that the agreement Mike Mihaylov and I had place had terminated so I continued to provide the service that I had promised, but not the results back to Mike Mihaylov. I have now informed Mike Mihaylov that I have discontinued work on the Montway Auto Transport site project and submitted the second invoice but have still never received a response from either Mike Mihaylov or any representative of Montway Auto Transport. At this point, I am being forced to employ legal measures to recoup the thousands of dollars that Mike and Montway have agreed to pay but never lived up to. If you are considering Mike Mihaylov or Montway Auto Transport as either a contract or full-time employer do so at your own risk!! There are many other reviews highlighting Mike Mihaylov’s treatment of employees, including his horrible and unchecked temper and his policy of docking employee pay for mistakes, all over the internet. Look up Montway Auto Transport on sites like to see some of the reviews before you let what happened to me happen to you!! Please do me and other potential victims a favor and tweet this out, message Montway on Facebook, post it in response to Montway’s job listings or use the information anywhere you can think of on the web to help prevent companies like this from taking advantage of others!

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