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I think this place should be shut down. It’s a big sham!

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Published: 02 July 2019

Posted by: Verla

Moore Orthodontics scammed me for $6000. Those people took money from me for Invisalign treatment but they didn’t provide me with the original ones. Instead, they gave me some knock-offs which got broken within a month. When I took them to another dentist, that’s when I got to find out that I had been scammed by Moore Orthodontics. They had sold me knock offs. I didn’t know that there were knock-offs of Invisalign braces available in the market. Those braces didn’t fit me properly at all and I had suspected them since I first laid eyes on them. You wouldn’t expect a reputed dental clinic to pull off such a heinous stunt. I can never trust these people with my treatment anymore. In fact, I can’t even suggest their name to someone. These people are just thieves who think they can get away with such crimes. When I complained about it with those guys, they just told me I was lying. According to them, I was the one scamming them with a fake product and putting up fake blame. They were acting as if I was the wrong person. Those people are heinous, heartless and retarded. This clinic will shut down soon if they keep pulling off this stunt. I had visited the place for nearly 2 months. my first few appointments were regarding my orthodontic treatment and the other ones were about the braces I had ordered. It took them nearly a month to get my braces. They had charged me $6000 for the braces. Invisalign braces cost a lot and they were charging me considerably for simple appointments. Those people aren’t trustworthy. I should’ve known that they were trouble. They were lying to me all the time. they hadn’t contacted the official company or manufacturers. No, all they were doing was just waiting for the knock-offs to get ready. The knock offs didn’t fit me properly and they broke within a week. That’s a very small amount of time for any braces to last. I am sure of the fact that I’m not the only victim of these people’s scam.

Not only did they scam me but they even put the blame on me and tried to make me look like the thief. Their staff behaved rudely with me after I complained about this thing and they all called me a thief and a scammer. I don’t think this place is good for anyone. I hope the people who are involved in this scam burn in hell. They don’t deserve to run a clinic of this kind. They should be thrown in jail or something. I’d suggest you avoid this place. If you have any friends or relatives who are looking for an orthodontist, tell them to avoid this place at all costs. The area has plenty of other options and you don’t have to rely on a bunch of crooks to get your teeth repaired.

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