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Published: 25 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Do not do business with this man unless you like deals with devil. From Post Auto to Cars 4u to Wheels&Deals this man changes names and locations to help with his alias. He is a very dirty man. And works all over the states. But his time of screwing people is up. In Georgia, no laws protect people from buying used cars. Cars that run like gold until you sign your paperwork. This guy is notorious for taking your money. Hes a charmer. He will ask you questions and then lie to your favor. He compliments and flirts. Hes a horrible human being. Same with his workers. ALL OF THEM. I drove off his lot and my car died on the way home. I am $12,000.00 thousand in the hole. He sold me the car. Not a salesman. Him. Think I got my money or had a repair or out in another car. No. He loves screwing the poor. That is his business. No matter what state, no matter what business, if his name is attached: you are doomed. He his selling many lots in the south so beware if youre in the market for that bracket. Please contact the dept of used motors, your d.a. and spread the word. He is the most vile creature on this planet. I won’t rest until he is out of business. For good. .

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