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Published: 05 February 2018

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I had issues from the beginning after signing a lease with CampHill Properties. For starters after the walk through and signing we found out that the heating wasnt electric it was gas. We were previously told that it was electric. Once that was found out we realize all utilities were allocated also water and sewer were separate charges. We felt scammed but we signed the lease so we knew we were stuck. So while we were already not feeling good about where we were living we got an outrageous gas bill. No one contacted me personally about the bill, so i contacted the office. Everyone was very rude and stated that they put a note on Facebook about the over the top bill, which is not way to conduct an office. The bill comes by mail, outstanding balances get stuck to your door so why was Facebook used to try to correct this issue. Issue was resolved and the charge got changed. Summer is now here and we were very excited to use the pool and exercise equiptment(both were supposed to be included in the rent price). About mid summer i would get home around five and be very excited to use the pool that was supposed to be open till 8. Well after i got home and changed it was close to six and i would look out and see all the office people leave and see the lifeguard leave shortly after. Now we were told that the pool was included in the rent price. So i questioned the office again about dropping the price of rent because we were unable to use the pool most days and i was told nothing would change in price. While that was going on i went to use the exercise equiptment and walked in and everything but the treadmills were gone. When we signed the lease there was a pretty nice all around work out machine. So again i call to ask if the price in rent would drop because before signing were were told it was included in the rent price. They again said no there will be no price change even know they took out the machine and told NO ONE about doing so. The end of our lease comes up, we are changing addresses and really disorganized. We move out by the 5th of Jan. I recieved no final bill that i can account for but got a bill from the collections department Located in King of Prussia (Corp. Headquarters) and the bill was big. They had already applied Our security deposite to Certain things, they claimed i owed for Nov. and others. The bill stated to call to dispute the charges. So i calledin Feb, twice. First time it went to voicemail so i hung up to call again and talk to someone. So i call again, right to a voicemail. March rolls around with no call back or any responce. I get a bill in the mail now from a Collections Agency. I finally got someone to email from Morgan Town Collections about my bill because i refused to pay any bills with out recipts or a discusion about the bill. Nothing was explained or shown to me other than a similar looking bill that i had recieved back in feb.

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