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Published: 04 September 2018

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We were members of the Mormon church for 39 years. We believed what the missionaries taught us, as well as what is taught in lesson manuals and by the General Authorities about the history of the church. We were very active, and paid tens of thousands of dollars in tithes and offerings. But this was all pre-internet, when we had no practical way to discover the true history of the Mormon church like people can do today. It is all a lie, complete deception, fraudulent in every way. There was no visit to Joseph Smith by God, Jesus, John the Baptist, Peter, James, and John, or any other heavenly messengers. The only so-called proof of any of this is the word of Joseph Smith, a man who lived his entire life as a liar, a womanizer, an adulterer, a pedophile, and even a murderer. Everyone needs to read Kay Burningham’s Book, “”An American Fraud: The Case Against Mormonism””. Kay was a lifelong member and graduate of the BYU Law School who specialized in fraud cases for over 20 years. Her book is an excellent synopsis on the justification for a class-action lawsuit against the Mormon church for knowlingly lying about its history. The Mormon church is currently losing over 100,000 members/yr. due to resignations, and tens of thousands of others who get summarily excommunicated, like I was, for telling the truth about church history, as its true history becomes available via the internet on such websites as,, and organizations like Utah Lighthouse Ministry. These resignations and excommunications are causing a negative growth rate all over the world, with the United States now having over 300,000 more ex-mormons than mormons according to the latest census figures, Mexico having 3 times more ex-mormons than mormons, and Chile with 4 times as many. Increasing numbers of Mormon high ranking priesthood leaders are leaving, such as CES Coordinators Grant Palmer, Ken Clark, and General Authority Sweden Area President Hans Mattson.

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