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Robbed me with a smile on their faces

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Published: 11 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was out of town for business when a drunken idiot crashed in front of me, I had to maneuver to avoid crashing into him and ended up stamping my car with a tree, I got out with just some bruises, but my car was not that lucky. I had to cancel all my meetings and look for a repair shop, the only one near me happened to be this place. So, I went there, waited 2 hours just to have someone check my car and tell me it would take a week to be ready. I had nowhere to go and no way to get there, I had asked them to give me a loaner, but they didn’t have any.
I waited the week and got my car back only to find that they had charged me three times for the same job, neither the mechanic nor the manager showed any concern or even apologized for it, I was told it would be fixed and would receive an e-mail once it was, so I went back home thinking it was all taken care of.
From that day and up until now, I have received 34 e-mails, one daily, stating that I left their center without paying, and if I don’t go there before the 50th day, they’re going to sue me. Funny thing is that I have been calling them almost every day about these e-mails, telling them I’ll pay when they send me the bill with the correct amounts, and they always say the same things, so far, I have heard 3 different responses:
– The first one is that they are working on correcting the bill, and in the meantime, I wouldn’t receive any more e-mails. The people at their customer service has told me this about 5 times already, and each time I kept receiving the e-mails.
– The second one is that the bill has already been corrected and sent to my home, I’ve given them my address in 4 different calls, and of course, I have not received any letters from them. I have also been told this more than 4 times.
– And finally, my favorite is when they say that the bill was never wrong, and I actually have to pay 3 times for one repair, or I will be sued.
So, this is my attempt to make them understand I’m not paying for their mistakes, and I am going to tell everybody about the dirty business going on under such a reputable name. I don’t hold Volkswagen responsible for this, but they should definitely see what the people are doing with their name and stop it. Those of you who have a Volkswagen and live near this Falmouth center, stay away, don’t fall for their tricks and don’t let them catch you in their dirty schemes. The manager there won’t be of any help at all, and the employees will try to get as much money as they can from you, so run before it’s too late.

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