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Published: 02 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Having recently moved to western New York, I am required to change my insurance license to residency in New York and non-residency in Florida. I have had my license in Florida for over ten years without any legal issues, yet I now was required to have a fingerprint record done for my non-resident license, although it should have been a seamless transfer. However, I followed the guidelines that Florida Department of Financial Services required, which was to contact MorphoTrust to arrange my fingerprinting (it is the only company they use). When I called MorphoTrust a week ago, I was informed that it would cost me $48.55 would take several weeks before I would receive my card and the girl told me to go to the police department to gain the fingerprint card (MorphoTrust stated that my fingerprints could NOT be electronically done, really in today’s world??). I did my research, found out where to go to one of the police departments (not all police departments will do civilian vs criminal fingerprints; after all, they are busy and isn’t that why MorphoTrust was “chosen” by these companies to handle the fingerprinting???). Fortunately, on the day I was to take time off from work, drive to the police department and then be fingerprinted, I called to be sure all was in order. When I called three different police stations, I received the same answer: that I needed to bring in my own fingerprint card! I called MorphoTrust back – this is now a week later – and told Alex, who answered my call, what transpired and she told me they can send it regular mail delivery and it will take 16 days for me to receive it, or I can pay an additional $2.75 and I will receive it in 7 days, or I can pay $25.00 and receive it overnight. I suggested that Alex, the girl I was talking to, ask her supervisor if they would forego the extra expense of mailing it out, since they had given me erroneous information when I called a week ago and she ignored what I asked by continuing on with requesting my credit card . Additionally three times she told me that “she was sorry that the New York Police Department was unwilling to assist me, that they do have the regular fingerprint cards, but just were unwilling to help”… I told her that I had called three police departments in different areas of this region of New York and they had all said the same thing, that they do not have the civilian fingerprint cards, but only criminal and I told her that each of the departments had been very nice and willing to assist me with information, but that was not their policy. I also told her that MorphoTrust should stop telling people in New York that the police departments will do this, because like me, we rely on what MorphoTrust tells us, take time off from work to drive to get fingerprinted on cards that the police department do not furnish. She told me that they will continue to tell people this because it is “only because these police departments are not willing to assist us”. Not only does the loss of a week because of the erroneous information given by MorphoTrust harm me by making me take time away from my work, but lost time in obtaining my non-resident license which I require to have legitimacy to keep my client base in Florida, receive my commissions (think income), and transfer my insurance appointments from companies, as well as other insurances, which need to be updated to be valid. If the State of Florida Department of Financial Services requires fingerprints, it should be allowed to be officiated by any fingerprinting company and with the clout of the State’s presence, the State of Florida should require that if, in fact, MorphoTrust has been selected to control the fingerprinting of licensees and those licensees must pay $48.55 for this service, then MorphoTrust should be responsible for administering those fingerprints in an efficient, timely and productive manner … electronically should suffice as well, since most school systems utilize this methodology as do most federal governing agencies. Laying the blame on police departments, who should be focused on criminal activity and who are not paid to provide this service as is the paid MorphoTrust – ridiculous and unjustified! .

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