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I am in chin deep frustration with these guys

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Published: 16 October 2018

Posted by: jacob

I must admit, my wife did warn me about buying from Morris Properties. It sounded suspicious to her but the real estate guy – Bob was so convincing that I couldn’t just say no. He threw so many offers and benefits that I could avail of if I bought the property that I ended up paying for one of the properties in Leeds. Now that I am in this mess I regret not listening to my wife, she is usually right about things she has a hunch about things going wrong.

What I realised that once you make the payments, all their approachability will be locked away in a faraway land. After I had made the payments I realised that the apartments are massively overpriced. After I checked out the other places on the suggestion of my friend Ronald, I saw that there were apartments that were better furnished than the one I had bought yet priced much lesser. However, the one I bought was highly priced. I feel really cheated of all this.

I was even promised a cash-back after I had purchased the property which I have obviously not even seen the face of. I even doubt that I will. Apparently, I was supposed to get a 5% – 15% of property value cash-back. After consulting a few friends, I got to know that it was an illegal method of selling properties because then it simply means that you are selling the apartment at a much higher rate than permissible.

What do you do when you are chin deep frustration but have no way of showing it? I was cheated by that Bob and feel more irritated with myself than them. I have a son with cerebral palsy at home and cannot be too expressive around him. He senses that something is wrong with but doesn’t say anything to me. Even a kid understands.

I want to find out the culprits behind this and get my money back. That ass of a man, Bob should be going to jail for duping me. He came to my house in January to sell me this crap apartment, and I remember this because it was even my wife’s birthday. But ever since I made the payment for the house he has been reachable on the different modes of communication. Now I have no idea how to get hold of that cheat, anymore.

I have informed the authorities and hope to find some reprieve. Also, I would request everyone to be alert of such scams. Apparently, I won’t be the only guy suing these fools. Now I will be spending some more money on lawyer to get those scoundrels behind bars. If only I had been as sceptical as my wife, I wouldn’t have been in this situation.

Make sure that you do a thorough research before you get into anything that says your monetary assets will improve for the better and all that jazz. The last thing you want is to land up in a situation like mine which apparently a lot of people are.

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