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Published: 04 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Promised a working LOS with integrated CRM received a username and password to log into a slow web based application that did not function correctly in many ways. It seemed like the company just started up and had many kinks to work out, but turns out they have been in business for over a decade. I don’t believe they have any satisfied customers. This place is a classic rip off. I am unsatisfied with my purchase to the company Mortgage Dashboard and have tried in good faith to correct the problem back to satisfaction with them. The product was specifically purchased for my company business and not only did they charge me $772, but my business also suffered undue costs due to the incorrect performance of the faulty product. I have made the company aware from the beginning since they delivered my product weeks behind the promised schedule of the faults and errors and have asked multiple times for a full refund with no success. On 08/09/13 I received my first charge from the company Mortgage Dashboard (MD) to give me access to a web based application that would allow me to manage clients and take 1003 applications over the phone, web and in person. It was supposed to generate the disclosures needed by clicking a single button. This only works if I can integrate my own forms. They promised before I signed up that this is normal and I could integrate my own forms for 50.00 apiece. They also promised that I would be able to generate reports and customize templates to work for NMLS and the lenders I work with. On 12/16/13 I sent an email in the morning asking for someone to please call me since neither I nor my processor Cindy, could reach them by phone. They have YouTube videos and comments on their website stating that you can call for customer service, yet we were never able to. The subject read I still cannot send out my first set of disclosures. This is because after 4 months, they still were not able to get my forms integrated. On 12/17/13 they responded “Lock form will be sent to the Developer team to have integrated into your MDB profile.” A little later the same day they emailed me stating “I’ve been advised that the Developer Team that your form can be updated into your MDB profile no later than Feb 2014 and will be $50.00 cost to add the custom form. If that timeframe and cost are ok with you then the form will be submitted to the Developer Team at this time.” I replied back same day “ that’s fine”. Many problems took place, the CRM did not work at all and this was the primary reason for picking this company, but they promised it would work and an improvement was underway. I was having to manually print every form and fill them out manually then scan them back in to create disclosures and the forms that printed out where printing the wrong company info, they addressed this on 12/24/2013 with “We identified the issue with the information not printing prior to saving the form and have submitted to our development team for correction. We will update you when completed so you will not have to save prior to printing.” I would still be doing this to this day if I did not sign up with another company because they never did get my forms integrated, not a single one. I had such high hopes and was beyond anxious for the product to start working correctly that when MD begged me to give them more time to work on the product I agreed since I had already invested lots of time learning this product and money. At this point I had no other choice and figured something was better than nothing. They kept charging my card which acknowledged the product was ready because now I was being billed for the upkeep. I emailed MD asking if my product was working but ended up playing another game of back and forth emails of more broken promise. February 20th, I notified them that the check my loan status was not working still and they responded, “Feature is currently with the Developers to be implemented into Dashboard at this time.” On top of all that I was told MD worked with Loan Sifter but I found out after signing up that it only works if I have 50 or more accounts. I was told I would be able to run LP and DU and this is not true with MD only with their competitor. Provident Funding is one of the largest wholesale banks in the world and they require that the 4506T be filled out a certain way. MD does not allow for the form to be filled out this way, rendering the application useless for our main lender. We have been having to manually print forms for 6 months and MD still have not implemented any of our documents. I could go on and on, but I will throw out one more problem before ending this. The Call Report is so far off it could easily cause a broker or lender to get audited for providing so much false information. NMLS requires that all brokers and lender populate a “call report” every three months, this report needs to be created by the LOS, MD claimed they had the ability to create the call reports. When I did so using the proper links the numbers are wrong. Completely wrong missing lots of data. I informed them and they said they would work on it. I had to manually go through every single loan and application I did the first quarter and create the reports manually. Cost more of my time than all the money I spent on the product. This product is a scam and they don’t have the ability to produce the product they offer. They refuse to refund my money and simply said that I can cancel that is all. I would like to use my right to not have to pay for this dissatisfied credit card purchase.

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