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They are not worth visiting. Please be careful!

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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

One day, my father told me that he was having a problem while chewing his food and was not able to grind them properly because every time he churned the food his tooth hurt badly. Without even thinking twice I started looking for clinics online, from a handful of dental clinics, I choose the Mosaic Dentistry because the place seemed very well maintained as pre-viewed on the website. I made an appointment online for the very next day as I cannot see my father in any kind of main. We reached the clinic on our allotted time and was told to wait in the lobby. The waiting lobby was very much different as shown on the website. The picture must have been put when the clinic was newly opened. As soon as we entered the lobby a pungent smell struck our nose and me, as well as my father, was feeling very dizzy because of the smell. I tried to find a staff member so that he could sprinkle a room freshener. None of the staff members were seen and we had to tolerate the smell while we waited on the lobby for our turn. My father is an old man, therefore, he also had other bowel problems and couldn’t control the urinal issue for long. He urges me to take him to the washroom. Unfortunately, the washroom was very dirty and smelling like rotten eggs. Nevertheless, we had to go but we found out that the washroom was out of service god knows from how many days. I had to rush him to the public toilet nearby. This was very disappointing for me because being a son I couldn’t bring him to a hygienic dental clinic. It was such a shameful moment for me. I had no choice because the appointment was made. We waited for 2 hours before we were informed that the doctor had to depart from the clinic due to some personal issue and will check my father the next day. This was not at all tolerable and I was very much furious by the time. I shouted at the receptionist about the inconvenience created. I already have waited for 2 hours and now I was being sent back. The receptionist them requested the doctor to check us out and then go but the doctor refused and excused us without even listening to our problems. I now wanted to meet him directly but the receptionist did not allow me to get inside his room but I forced myself inside the cabin and saw that the doctor was busy easting his lunch and watching television. I could not stand watching this and felt like to kill him. Everybody in my place would have done the same. I then took my father away without even looking at him again. They tried to stop us but we didn’t. This was such a shameful act from a doctor itself. He made us wait for so long and now denied to check us up because he was not in a mood to do so. Never ever step into the Mosaic Dentistry.

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