Moshe Mirilashvili

A classic case of craziness and malpractice – Dr. Moshe Mirilashvili!

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Published: 27 July 2017

Posted by: Robert J. Kline

The craziness continues … Modern society gives us a faster way of life. In some cities, there is no sleeping, just a simple restarting your mind and continuing to live the way you must. Fast and furious!
That is why everybody is on some kind of medication for anxiety, pain relief, antidepressants and other placebo medicines. Why is that? That is because doctors are giving us prescriptions whether we are sick or not.
In this particular example, a state licensed doctor, Moshe Mirilashvili, has written more than 13,000 medically unnecessary prescriptions for oxycodone, a narcotic painkiller, and he is responsible for the distribution of 1.2 million tablets. That guy ran his own cartel of prescription pills in order to give people satisfaction in life. What is the best way to treat a junkie? Give him drugs just to make him happy. He thinks that this is a way to give his patients a closer getaway.
The doctor’s cartel has been broken by the DEA and after the investigations; they arrested eight members of the clinic staff and charged them with illegal distribution of oxycodone.
Everything happened in Manhattan where neighbors watched the doctor and it was said that he was selling his products in a place he called “shop” and in the style of Breaking Bad (there were assumptions that this TV series gave him and his colleagues an inspiration for a trafficking oxycodone).
The special agent in charge from D. E. A. James C. Hunt said that the defendants are drug dealers playing doctors and that our hospitals are filled with criminals in white robes. What is going on with them, I don’t understand! Maybe their pay is not agreeable but who knows? Maybe he was involved in similar actions when he was younger. Once a criminal, always a criminal!
Police Commissioner William J. Bratton stated that Dr. Mirilashvili has earned $2.6 million in fees in the last two years and that he contributed to the growing addiction of oxycodone.
From the moment Dr. Mirilashvili opened the office, residents of the neighborhood sensed that something is going on their neighborhood. Fine neighbors they are! They started seeing crack pipes and one of them said that they are not in Brookline. They moved from that obscure neighborhood because of crack pipes and horrible junkies who were all standing around with their cell phones trying to find a better fix from a doctor drug cartel.
An innocent and naïve pharmacy owner said that 15 people walked into his store every day to fill a prescription for oxycodone. When his ethnic side woke up, he declined his offer to unknown customers and started to give permission for oxycodone only for the people he knew.
One of the patients stated that she went to his office drawn by a promise of help with pain. Then she saw that men behind the check-in desk had a gun. She stated that she was afraid of her own life in there.
They contacted a police officer and stated their concerns. The next day, the block again was filled with dozens of men on their phones. It has been told that in October, one woman saw a few men holding the doctor at gunpoint. Crazy world, where doctors are drug dealers and no one knows what is going on. One thing is certain, don’t get sick. We can’t measure the exact moment of getting sick so the next question is how to get rid of all those crazy and criminal quasi-doctors? The question is simple but we don’t have the answer to it.
After that, the authorities said that Dr. Mirilashvili charged his patient on Thursday with $200 in cash for a small visit but in the end, he prescribed 90 pieces of 30-milligram tablets of oxycodone. Great guy, he’ll do whatever you need in order to feel better! You can do everything only if you have money. So don’t worry! If you want to get high by pharmaceutical products, there is no better way than Dr. Mirilashvili.
But that is not everything. The customers were members of the drug crew who were recruited and paid by traffickers to pose as patients in order to receive unnecessary prescriptions. He gave them fake M. R. I. reports with the suggestion that patients were injured and fake urinalysis reports to certify that patients were taking the oxycodone and not selling it on the street. Dr. Mirilashvili prescribed between October 2012 and this month, 1.2 million tablets with a street value of $36 million or maybe more.
That is the greatest thing in our world. We can just call our doctor and he will give us articles for making our beloved drugs in order to make this world a happy place. He is a crazy person who doesn’t have any ethical guidance.
We finish this story with a woman smoking a cigarette on the corner next to his former office. She was shaking and smoking and when somebody asked her why she is so anxious, she replied, “He’s done. They closed him up”.

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