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Published: 23 December 2017

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AAA Northeast Member Relations Department 1415 Kellum Place, Garden City, NY 11530 March 20, 2019 Dear AAA, This is a letter regarding a AAA Battery Partner in West Orange, NJ 07052. We have been members of AAA since the 1980’s. Member Durgesh Mankikar #620 240 [protected] 7 “Moshe’s Auto Repair Corporation” aka “M&M Towing Company” was under a State Sting Operation that found out they were cheating customers. They were also fined, and should not be operating. However, AAA keeps referring customers to them under the Battery program. Link to “Moshe’s Auto Repair Corporation, of West Orange, has agreed to pay $7, 025 to resolve the State’s allegations.” I called AAA on July 11th, 2018 – Call #46287, because my Toyota Corolla battery wasn’t working, and was under Warranty. It was a AAA Battery. AAA called Moshe’s Auto repair. Moshe’s Auto Repair pulled a scam. Their employee Ashton from Texas came and said the Battery was fine, but there was a problem with the Alternator. I had literally just changed the Alternator at my reliable Mechanic’s shop, who I have been going to for over ten years for all our cars, and we have never had a problem with him. Then Ashton got into a fight with our regular mechanic on the phone, blaming him. However, I was unable to start the Car. Basically, Moshe’s did not want to replace the Battery, though it was under Warranty. So Ashton jump-started the Car, and told me to go and take care of the Alternator at Auto Zone. I am not a mechanic. I do not know anything about all this. Auto Zone doesn’t replace batteries or alternators in the parking lot. The guy at Auto Zone again jump-started my battery. I took the car to Toyota. They said I need to run the car longer, so the Battery charges up, and the Battery may be the wrong type. Then I went out of town. On September 8th, 2018 my parents were going to give the car to my uncle. However, again, it was not starting. So they called AAA. That was call # 44664. AAA again sent Moshe’s. My dad and uncle are both over 70 years old. Ashton came again. He didn’t want to change the battery, but figured he could make a buck by charging these old people to change the Alternator. He came back after dark, and changed the Alternator in the Driveway. He also dented the hood of my Car. I was planning to sell the car in the fall, so this was unnecessary damage. He could have just pressed the button next to the driver’s seat, to open the Hood. Also Ashton knew the car had just had the Alternator replaced, because he remembered talking to our regular Mechanic on the phone. Apparently, you are not supposed to change the Alternator in someone’s driveway. Then the car still wasn’t starting. It got very late, my uncle had to go home, and my dad had to work in the morning. So Ashton left without fixing it. However, he took $546 from them — and left the car in worse shape than when he reached there. He literally just had to change the battery, that was under warranty, but refused to do so, and did all this other damage instead. Then October 31st I returned to New Jersey. I called AAA again to fix the battery, because the car was not starting. This was call #45276. Again AAA called Moshe’s. Moshe’s again sent Ashton, who remembered my Dad and that the car was not starting in September. My dad was not there, but Ashton asked if my Dad had asked anything about Ashton, and that he didn’t know what he was doing with the car the last time. I thought this was a weird thing to say, from someone who was just supposed to jump start the car. Ashton also remembered talking to our other mechanic and fighting with him on the phone. So now, according to Ashton/Moshe’s, the battery and the Alternator both should have been working. However, the car was not starting. So Ashton jump started the car. I took it to Toyota. Toyota said it would be $564 + the $60 Core recycling fee to fix the battery/alternator, and that I should get that from AAA. So I called AAA, and they said I would have to get the reimbursement from Moshe’s. These phone calls went back and forth to no answer from Moshe’s. So November 5, 2018 — I drove down to Moshe’s, because Moshe was being weird on the phone and refusing that they ever even came to fix my battery. Although we had the Receipts from them. Then at Moshe’s Auto Repair, they put up a HUGE SHOW. Moshe’s wife Michelle claimed to be on the phone with AAA – who had no record of AAA ever calling Moshe’s. Then Michelle said, “Aaaaah! I see here you called M&M Towing. There is a record of you calling M&M Towing on November 1st, not October 31st.” Moshe’s IS M&M Towing. But she was pretending that it was another company that she had never heard of. I did not know what M&M Towing was, since we had called AAA about the Battery. I had called AAA – neither Moshe’s nor M&M. Moshe & Michelle fought with us loudly, claiming they had never serviced our car. Then I remembered Ashton’s name, the guy from Texas. Then I also remembered they had previously towed our car to the regular Repair shop for the Alternator — and charged DOUBLE the miles. Then they accused my dad of lying and cheating them, etc. Then Ashton popped his head in for 2 seconds, and said that he did change the Alternator in our driveway. So I said I wanted the money back for all of the above, since the car was left more damaged. They pretended to know nothing about any of this, and that they were not going to reimburse us for not fixing the car, or for the recycling fee. This whole thing took over an Hour! Meanwhile — I had called AAA and AAA had Moshe’s listed under the Phone Calls. That’s why I went to Moshe’s in the first place. Then Moshe said to leave the car, and he would look at it. Then I went back in the evening. Then the guys at the shop were very condescending, and kept calling me Baby and Honey, but did not want to do simple things like check the mileage. Although they had Cheated my parents and me. So I got mad. Moshe said it was the Fuse Box, and they had repaired it, but were going to charge me $150. But first- they acted like they had no idea why I was there, because there was another woman paying her bill. After all this drama, I said I’m going to report them to AAA. and then Moshe suddenly threw in a “free oil change.” Then the next day, I went back to my regular repair shop Prospect Exxon to get everything fixed. He told me that Moshe’s was notorious, and there had been a Sting Operation that caught them scamming people. I am attaching the photos of the Dent in my Hood – rather than just pressing the button to open the hood, he jacked it open. He did not even know how to open the hood of a car without damaging it. Best wishes, Shilpa Mankikar

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