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Published: 08 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I wanted of my contract at MotleyModels with Dave and let him know I came to her and I wanted to leave and go to her agency (OCModels). He threw a fit, took things on a personal level, and said he wanted $3500 for my buyout and I had to pay it upfront and wasn’t allowed to even work to pay it. Remember when I said I wasn’t getting booked and I hadn’t worked in almost a month? So Motley Models I couldn’t exactly pull $3500 out of my a*s. Plus that is an incredibly unreasonable amount to ask for. It’s been a week and a half now, and things still haven’t got resolved with Motley Models. So more time I’ve had to be out of work. I even made a generous offer of $2k for the buy out, but Dave at wont budge on the $3500. He wrote me an email explaining that $3500 was a low number because I had mentioned I wanted to do IR and anal. That’s where I will make a correction, not ONCE did I ever say anything about anal or being available to shoot it. And we briefly discussed IR, and I said I would entertain the idea, but it all depended on the company and the deal. The most he could try and get was $1500, which I said absolutely not to, and that I will wait. Being 4 months in only, it’s still a little too early for me to be doing IR, do i want to do it one day? Definitely, but this industry is all about the waiting game and getting the bigger pay day. Truth. And funny cause even in the past week, I got an offer for $4k for my first IR and $1500 was best you could get. Way to go Motley! I couldn’t help but wonder if all of this stuff was even legal, the buy out, how much he was asking for, keeping me from working, and even his contract for that matter. So I called up an attorney that deals with talent contracts and has had a lot of experience in the adult industry. After a long conversation and going through my contract, he was able to find nearly 10 things invalid with my contract with Motley, and he cannot legally keep me from working being that California is a right to work state. Now do I want to go through the hassle and headache of hiring a lawyer and taking this all to court? No, I don’t, I just want to move on, sign with OC, and get back to doing scenes and working on progressing my career. So that is my current situation at the moment, sure I could just work for free for a month and pay the $3500 he wants, but my pride won’t let him get away with that. He doesn’t deserve that money, I do not owe any money to the agency by the way, I have paid all of my dues and fees. That is my experience I’ve gone through with choosing the wrong agency (Motley Models), I definitely learned the hard way. But hopefully this will all be resolved soon so I can get back in front of the camera and start giving my fans some more awesome scenes! And then I can fill my blog with all of my hot and steamy positive experiences haha. In closing stay away from Motley Models its a huge scam.

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