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Published: 02 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

For the display of Rolls-Royce Ghost in Destiny USA mall, I decided to visit the showroom of MotorCars of Atlanta. This was for a test drive, a large dolly (wheeled platform) on a specific day. Another motive was to increase sales, it is a prestigious car, beyond the reach of many. It was a huge event and this brand of car would be perfect for the day. The agreement was to pay instalments and it was to be delivered within a couple of days after the paperwork. The signatures on my part had been done and sent to the showroom office for the needful on their part. Assuming that the documents must be signed, I was relaxed. The display program was after a week and hence there was nothing to worry about.
Unfortunately, the car was not delivered on the due date. The person receiving calls/emails acted ignorantly as if there was no order at all. I kept checking the customer portals for the next few days, but there was no update regarding the order. To add on, it did not even show that an order had been placed. Also, there was no option of lodging a complaint. Intensely furious, I had no choice but to visit the showroom. It was just a day before the program. They informed me that the manager/ listed director had not signed in the documents and a few other legal formalities had not been finished by him. This careless wrongdoing has spoilt the firm’s reputation in my eyes. This was a cause of the delay and a mere apology on behalf of the staff was an insensitive act. They had guaranteed to deliver it within that week. But my purpose could not be fulfilled and there was a breach of contract on my part. I was extremely frustrated as the event had to be cancelled and I became personally liable to pay the owner of the mall for the damages of the event. Not only that, the reputation of my work has been let down.
Various negative reviews had been posted on google and the website. Initially, it was unbelievable as the brand is world-famous and such errors are unlikely to be true. Today I believe them due to my own experience. I strongly do not recommend any person to have any contracts with Rolls-Royce as the blunder committed is no less than a fraudulent act. Especially for an on-spot purchase, there are tremendous inconveniences caused if there is a delay in delivery or incomplete document work due to the management.
My earnest request and advice to all, to not make a deal with any of the showrooms of MotorCars of Atlanta. There is no customer satisfaction, trust and no place for explaining grievances. Moreover, it amounted to an explainable loss. I am convinced that it is a luxury car brand, it does not add anything to its goodwill. Disappointed by the irresponsible and casual attitude of the salespersons as well as the director.

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