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Published: 20 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Rob Felt, Owner/Operator of Dimension Edge and is a has been. At one time he had an excellent reputation. I haven’t found a decent review since 2008. Wished I’d have looked that up before purchasing from him. I bought a motorized kit for my Schwinn Meridian Tricycle. Not Cheap, close to $700.00 The box was destroyed upon arrival. Not buy UPS, a really crappy packaging job. I called and emailed Rob to try and find out if anything was missing. He never answered. I proceeded to install the motor and transmission. An over designed piece of c–p. There were missing parts. Not lost in shipping. By Mr. Felts own admission he didn’t send key cross member braces to aleviate excessive torque. That and the first graders fabricating job on the rest of the mount caused it to shake and jolt violently. I contacted Rob and he said he was going on vacation to wait till he got back. When he returned he gave me advice on repair. Repair I did, and repair and repair, and repair. Nothing worked.Ultimately I shipped the unit back at my own cost and he wanted to put a second hand transmission on it and tear into the engine to try and fix it and send it back. I freaked, he’s going to send me a now bastardized Honda motor and trans that Honda will not honor any warranty. His answer was “well I can’t sell it again”. What a moron. He agreed to send a new one. Three weeks later he finally answered my emails and said he had it all rebuit and was ready to ship. I freaked again. This guy is a total idiot. I told him to give me my money back. He said the product was used and dirty and pieces missing. Ya they fell off because it shook so violently as it didn’t have the proper mounting. Out of the $650.00 cost plus $50.00 return shipping he refunded $450.00. Do Not Deal With This Wack Job Failed Inventor, THIEF. .

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